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Best Marine Batteries


Most marine batteries are either Starting (Cranking) batteries or Deep Cycle batteries that work hard by pushing systems like navigation, bilge pumps, running lights and trolling motors. The major construction types of Marine Batteries are flooded (wet) gelled, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), though flooded batteries should never be used around salt water. Mixing salt water with battery acid produces chlorine gasses, which can be fatal.

Deep cycle marine batteries can be discharged down as much as 80% repeatedly, and have thicker much more durable plates than “cranking” or starting batteries. You can sometimes use your deep cycle battery as a cranking
battery, however. But if you are going to use a deep cycle battery (such as the Lifeline) as a starting battery, it should be oversized about 20% compared to the existing or recommended starting battery group size to get the same cranking amps.

The life of your marine battery will be determined by the depth of discharge (DoD). Reducing the average DoD (Depth-of-Discharge) and the number of discharge/charge cycles, by proper deep cycle battery or battery bank sizing will significantly increase a deep cycle battery service life. For example, a pasted plate wet battery with an average of 50% DoD will last twice as long or more as if it is has an 80% average DoD. A 20% DoD average battery can last up to five times longer than one with a 50% DoD average.

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