Gel and AGM batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM batteries fall under a broader category of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries or VRLA batteries, typically used for storing a lot of power for a long time or for long-running power uses. AGM batteries have valves regulating the amount of hydrogen and oxygen gas allowed to escape during charging. This battery technology has a spill-proof design and a longer cycle life than other batteries. They also use a different type of battery charger and can hold more amp hours.

Deep cycle AGM batteries from Powerstride come with a highly durable battery cases. This type of deep cycle battery can also be used as a car battery and can be used in power systems for solar power. The absorbed glass mat gives these 12v 100ah batteries a longer lifespan and a higher depth of discharge rate.

Powerstride Battery carries many different AGM batteries such as:

Advantages of AGM lithium types of batteries:

  • Longer lifespan and battery life, can last for years and fight corrosion.
  • Do not have to worry about overcharging.
  • Can be produced at a lower cost than 12 volt gel batteries.
  • Have a low internal resistance and are maintenance free.
  • Perform well in temperatures below 32 degrees.

Benefits of Gel Batteries

Gel batteries are made by suspending the battery’s electrolyte in a silica type gel that allowed electrons to travel between two lead plates within the battery.

Gel cell batteries are a maintenance-free alternative to flooded cell deep cycle batteries. They contain a silica based gel that battery electrolytes are suspended in, allowing electrons to flow freely between pates. The nice thing about gel batteries is that they don’t leak even if the battery case is broken.

Because of the substances and designs used to construction gel batteries, they provide the following benefits:

  • Non Spillable Design - Unlike lead batteries which contain dangerous liquids that can spill such as sulfuric acid, gel batteries will not spill acid when the battery is tipped or damaged. This makes them significantly safer than lead batteries by preventing potential physical harm and property damage.
  • Maintenance Free - Throughout the life of a lead acid battery it will emit electrolytes and loose the water inside the battery. The sealed lead acid batteries must have their electrolyte levels checked and its water contents maintained. Gel batteries are designed to eliminate the emission of gases and recycle their water, thus the volume of electrolytes and water lost is minimal.
  • Operates in Extreme Temperatures and Harsh Conditions - Gel batteries are very durable under both hot and cold temperatures. Gel batteries can operate effectively between -40° and 140° Fahrenheit. Not only can gel batteries withstand changing temperatures, but they are also resistant to corrosion, shock, and premature failure.
  • Slower Self-Discharge - Gel batteries deteriorate at a much slower rate when compared to lead acid batteries. A lead acid battery will self-discharge 1 percent per day, while gel batteries self-discharge 1 to 3 percent each month. Making gel batteries a better long-lasting battery.

    Powerstride Battery carries many different Gel batteries such as:

    If you’re interested in gel cell battery technology, view our inventory gel cell batteries or call (877) 576-9379 for assistance selecting the right battery. Free ground shipping is available for all domestically placed orders. In the unlikely event that battery is damaged or doesn’t last, you can have it replaced hassle free in no time. You can also take advantage of our free ground shipping! What do you have to lose? Buy reliable. Buy Powerstride Battery. 

Aug 26th 2021

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