Electric Vehicle Batteries

Electric Vehicle Batteries

Your electric vehicle deserves nothing less than the best. That's where Powerstride Battery comes into play. We're the leaders in high-performance, reliable, and affordable electric vehicle battery replacement solutions, supporting you in transitioning from internal combustion engines to the future of transportation - electric vehicles.


Our extensive line of EV batteries, including lithium-ion batteries, will give your electric car the power it needs to keep you moving. We understand that battery life is a top concern for EV owners, so we offer only the highest quality products.


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Explore Our Exceptional Battery Range


Our range includes the powerful Deka 8A24, a 12 Volt Group 24 Deep Cycle Battery designed for long-lasting energy delivery. There's also the resilient Deka 8A27DTM, a 12 Volt Group 27 AGM Deep Cycle Battery, offering superior shock and vibration resistance.


For those seeking a balance between power and endurance, the Deka 8A31DTM, a 12 Volt 105Ah Deep Cycle Battery, is a perfect choice. And, if dual-purpose functionality is what you're after, the versatile 31TMX - 12 Volt Dual Purpose Battery provides both engine starting and deep cycling capability. Below, you’ll find many other options as well- just contact us for any questions if you feel overwhelmed.


Why Choose Powerstride Battery?


Choosing a replacement battery for your electric car is a crucial decision. It's about more than just battery cost; it's about the long-term health of your electric vehicle, the efficiency of the electric motor, and your overall driving experience. Powerstride Battery offers the best of it all.


Since 1926, Powerstride has demonstrated our ability to deliver quality products at competitive prices, all backed by exceptional customer service. We remain committed to our customers by providing the best possible online shopping experience, offering you the highest quality products at terrific prices.


For over 80 years, “Service for the distance” is not merely a slogan at Powerstride, but a promise of service, quality, and excellence.

Most importantly, remember that a smooth, gas-powered vehicle-like experience in an electric car starts with a high-quality electric battery. We are committed to providing superior products with affordability, durability, and the latest battery technology.


Get your new battery today and join the Powerstride family. Experience the remarkable difference in your EV's performance. Don't just replace; upgrade with Powerstride Battery.