RV Batteries are determined by the RV-er.

One of the most frequent questions in the mail box of The Battery Genius is:

Which Deep Cycle RV Battery is best for my RV? Rather than delve into the specifics of how in the world of RV Battery Technology, MORE CAPCITY equals MORE POWER and BETTER TECHNOLOGY equals MORE LIFE… we need get to the bottom of what you’re really asking…

In order to properly answer the question posed to us, we need to ask what kind of RVer are you?

The type of RV deep cycle battery you should buy depends on how you use your RV. If you are the type of camper whose always plugged into an electrical source then your main concern is to properly maintain your RV deep cycle battery. However, if you are the type of camper who really likes to get away from it all and do some serious camping, you’ll want the highest amp hour capacity battery you can fit into your RV for the money!

The first kind of RVer I know is the kind who cruises around from RV campground to RV campground always plugging in to “shore power” and never uses their batteries more than 20% Depth of Discharge. If you’re THIS kind of camper, there are tried and true technologies out there that can keep you rather comfortable without having to spend a ton of money. Since you never use your power, the concern for maximum capacity and maximum life aren’t necessary because the only thing you really care about is maximum out of pocket expense and maintenance.

Of the only real options, the first are the cheapy cheap of RV batteries that can be found at your local club store or auto parts store. If you currently use TWO 6 Volt batteries in your RV or One 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery, you could pick up two 6 Volt Golf Cart batteries for around $90 each and get by on the measly 180 Amp Hours of capacity these standard RV Batteries will provide.

The second option in keeping your RV Battery purchase inexpensive but with considerably more “bang for your buck”, you should look at the US2200 as your 6 Volt RV Battery of choice. The US2200 XC RV Battery provides a whopping 232 Amp Hours of capacity in a traditional flooded design – almost 30% more power than Club Store battery – and 5% more than the leading competitor.  The US2200 XC RV Battery is the workhorse in 6 Volt batteries, theUS 2200 Xtreme Capacity delivers an astounding 700 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge and 232 Amp Hours of capacity with it's patented Diamond Plate Technology!

Now both of these options – while cost-effective – will require periodic maintenance to ensure your batteries last their longest. Other than keeping the posts clean and free of acid or corrosion, the most important issue is keeping your flooded RV Batteries filled with distilled water. This can be done very easily by adding a permanently installed RV battery watering kit.

Now if you’re the second kind of RVer – the kind who is always on your own, and spending your life dry-camping and recharging either by generator or solar – you’ll want the most intensely engineered RV Battery money can buy: Lifeline RV Batteries.

Lifeline RV Batteries have been specifically engineered for Marine and RV Battery usage.

(You can check out one my previous posts on Lifeline RV Batteries here.)  Lifeline Batteries are AGM Batteries utilizing the latest in oxygen recombinant technology to produce a TRUE 100% maintenance free RV Battery.  With a Lifeline Battery as your House and/or Starting Batteries for your RV, you get:

•      100% Maintenance-Free AGM Design

•      When discharged to the BCI recommended 50%, Lifeline batteries provide nearly 1000 life cycles, which is significantly more than other technologies.

•      Lifeline batteries currently installed in Marine and RV applications are providing a life span ranging from 5 to 8 years.

•      Lifeline offers one of the best warranties in the industry with our 5-year pro-rated and a one-year free replacement.

Do Lifeline Batteries have the most capacity of any RV Battery out there? No.

But, Lifeline RV Batteries discharge slower, recharge faster, and last longer than any other battery in RV applications. This can be HUGE when determining HOW you use your batteries.

Now, because of their design, they do cost more. But their cost benefit – that is, their lifecycle and design – far outweighs price concerns.

However, because most of us DO have to watch what we spend, rest assured, you can always find the best prices on Lifeline RV Batteries or any other RV Battery from the folks at Powerstride Battery. Not only can they help you discover what kind of RVer you really are, but they help you find the right RV Battery for your budget and your lifestyle on the road.

Who knows? After you call to Powerstride Battery, you may find out that becoming the “second kind of Rver” may well be within your reach!

Jul 26th 2011 The Battery Genius

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