Battery Testers and Gauges

Battery Testers and Gauges

Battery Testers and Gauges 

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A useful item for determining the amount of power remaining in a battery is a battery tester, which can come in a variety of styles depending on the type of battery you wish to examine. Most battery testers are portable and can be used for a variety of batteries, while others can be built into the battery itself or the device dependent upon the battery.

The tester usually contains slots for the battery, or two leads, which make contact with the positive and negative electrodes. An analog or digital display will then let the user know how much power is left in the battery that is being tested.

Larger types of battery testers are designed for use on heavy-duty batteries like 12-volt batteries, car batteries and more. The displays on these testers can determine the remaining power of a battery in terms of percentage, which can be important in measuring the ability of the battery to start an engine. These automotive battery testers can also be designed to test other components of a car’s charging system, such as the alternator. Many also contain built-in chargers for immediate charging when a battery is low in power. 

How do you know when it’s time to test your battery?  The most effective testing plan is one that is based on the condition of the battery, rather than a calendar-based plan.  This plan compensates for all kinds of variables that affect battery life and performance, compared to a calendar-based plan that is based on assumptions not necessarily true for your situation. 

Testing your battery has many benefits including but not limited to: determining your battery’s life expectancy, knowing when to replace a battery, and the ability to locate week cells and faulty intercell connectors.  Contact us for your battery tester needs today!

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