Replacement Powersport Batteries

Whether you are a lifelong ATV enthusiast or you just bought your first scooter, you might find yourself with a long list of questions when the time comes to purchase a replacement battery. From AGM lithium batteries to lead acid batteries, rechargeable or not, a lot goes into choosing the correct battery to fit your needs.

Powersport Battery Types

here are two main types of batteries that are used in powersport vehicles, both of which fall under the larger category of valve-regulated lead acid batteries, or VRLA batteries. VRLA batteries are typically used to store large amounts of power for an extended time. Compared with older flooded lead acid batteries, VRLA batteries are spill-proof and maintenance-free, holding more amp hours on average and using different types of chargers.

One type of VRLA battery is the absorbent glass mat battery or AGM battery. In AGM batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed into glass separators between the battery plates. This design allows for a longer lifespan on average and a higher depth of discharge rate. AGM batteries are typically 12-volt 100-amp hour batteries. In addition, they are known to maintain their high performance in temperatures below freezing, making them a good choice of lithium powersport battery for various scenarios, including automotive applications.

The other type of VRLA battery is the gel cell battery. In gel batteries, the electrolyte is suspended in a silica gel so the electrons can travel between the battery’s two internal lead plates. Because of their design, gel batteries are particularly heavy-duty; even with a cracked battery casing, the battery will not leak. Gel batteries are also known to operate effectively from temperatures of -40º to 140º, with up to 800 cca.

Powersport Vehicles

There are many different factors to take into account when you are shopping for a new powersport battery, depending largely on what type of vehicle you are shopping for.

For instance, if your preferred method of enjoying the outdoors is to go off-roading in your ATV or UTV, you might compare the durability of different types of ATV batteries and decide that a gel battery’s high level of durability makes it the best choice for your adventures. Or maybe you’re shopping for snowmobile batteries and need to consider cold cranking amps in addition to the off-roading and know that a gel battery will provide the performance you need in that area as well.

Alternatively, you might be preparing a jet ski or other personal watercraft for a weekend out on the lake. Again, you don’t need to worry about cracking the battery or operating it at extreme temperatures, so you can opt for a longer-lasting and lower-cost option and choose an AGM marine battery.

Whether you spend a long weekend off-roading, riding around the course on your golf cart, or need to make sure your lawn mower powers up when you start it, Powerstride Battery has the correct high-quality battery or charger for every need.

Jan 10th 2023

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