Deep Cycle Batteries

Choosing the right battery can feel overwhelming, especially if you aren't sure which one best suits your equipment's needs. With PowerStride Battery's complete inventory of deep cycle batteries, deciding which option works for you is easier than ever!

Unlike a standard starting battery, deep cycle batteries are specifically designed to provide more deep discharge cycles that continuously supply power over long periods of time. The structural difference between deep cycle and starting batteries is the lead plates. The plates on deep cycle batteries contain more antimony and are therefore thicker and more corrosion resistant through each cycle. These rechargeable batteries are more efficient than starter batteries and are easier to maintain. PowerStride Battery's collection of deep cycle batteries work harder, last longer, and provide better optimal power levels than other batteries typically do.

PowerStride Battery offers quality Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Gel batteries. We even have 6-, 8-, or 12-volt options so you can choose which one is the best fit for your equipment. These lead-acid batteries can be used for your everyday electric vehicles like motorcycles, automotives, electric wheelchairs, golf carts, scooters, boat motors, floor cleaning machines, scissor lifts, forklifts, and even as off-grid energy storage systems for wind or solar power.

AGM Batteries

Our deep cycle Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) option works with AGM battery technology and is maintenance-free, resistant to vibrations, and supports the higher electrical demands of today's vehicles. With high amp hours and a rechargeable system our agm batteries are powerful and offer longer lifespans.

Gel Batteries

Similar to agm batteries, gel batteries are VRLA based, but with a gelified electrolyte. They are easy to care for and boast even greater shock/vibration resistance. They also don't leak out if the casing becomes damaged, so there is a reduced risk of harm coming to the equipment.

You can view our Gel and AGM Batteries blog for more information.

Marine & RV Batteries

Deep cycle RV batteries are equipped with two systems: a starter battery and a house battery. Designed to both start and keep your RV running, these dual-purpose batteries last twice as long as standard ones due to their thicker plates.

A Marine battery is a deep cycle battery that is specifically designed for boat engines. They tend to contain heavier plates than RV batteries. We offer both gel and agm marine battery options, for high-quality assurance, low maintenance, and outstanding power systems.

Types of Deep Cycle Batteries by PowerStride

Here are some examples of battery brand types listed on our site:

AGM Batteries:

Gel Batteries:


PowerStride Battery's wide collection of deep cycle batteries have longer Amp Hours, discharge cycle life, and depth of discharge. With our Marine, RV, AGM and Gel deep cycle battery options, you never have to worry about choosing the wrong kind of battery for your equipment. With 100ah battery options and beyond, our inventory is powerful and long-lasting. PowerStride's affordable bulk discount rates and extended warranties work to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Call (877) 576-9379 for assistance selecting the right battery. Free ground shipping is available for all domestically placed orders. In the unlikely event that battery is damaged or doesn’t last, you can have it replaced hassle free in no time. You can also take advantage of our free ground shipping.

Sep 8th 2021

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