How Can I Extend the Life Of My Battery?

How Can I Extend the Life Of My Battery?

Are there any industry tricks out there that can be used to get more life out of a new battery? Or, how can I get some life back from a used battery that is diminishing in performance?

There is a product on the market called Battery Equaliser and you can find it online at

What does it claim to do? It is a liquid battery treatment that is designed to extend the life of your battery. It is considered a preventative maintenance product.

Is it a dangerous chemical? It is non- corrosive and non-flammable. It is a water based product and there are no D.O.T. restrictions against the product!

Is it made for all batteries? It is recommended for all kinds of batteries such as Automotive, marine, gold cart, motorcycle, truck, RV and forklift batteries. It is designed for all flooded lead acid batteries.

How does it work?

First consider the problem with batteries. When a battery is manufactured and first receives electrolyte or it’s electrically charged chemical it gradually begins to sulfate which means the lead plates inside the battery produce a buildup or coating of lead sulfate crystals. This is called sulfation and this is primary cause of early failure in batteries – both sealed AGM and Flooded. The effect of sulfation is internal resistance inside the battery and that causes a loss cranking power. It also means longer charging and times are required to maintain full state of charge of your battery. As time goes by it will eventually choke out all electrically activity.

Battery equalizer is easy to add just as water is added to a battery! It is designed to mix into the battery’s electrolyte to stop shedding and dissolve the sulfation (lead crystal build up) and prevent future build up. This is how the problem is solved. New and used batteries can benefit from Battery Equalizer. The treatment will mesh into the lead plates and make them stronger and more resistant to shedding and sulfation.


What are the benefits?

A half ounce per cell which equates to about 6 bucks is much less than the cost of a new battery and can even help to double the life of a functioning battery. Of course, larger sized batteries for industrial or other uses will require more of the equalizer treatment per cell.

Longer battery life, reduced charge time and over all longer run time saves on battery costs, maintenance time, utility costs and man hours!! Lots of savings!!

Does this stuff really work?

Let’s see what the battery industry users actually have to say about it.

Exhibit Transport LLC, an international trade show shipping company, with multiple locations in the USA and abroad have tested Battery Equalizer in all their electric forklifts and had great results. In 2010 they contacted Battery Equalizer to acquire the additive for their forklift batteries. The company supervisor noticed their forklifts were running significantly longer and required less charging time to recharge. Easy savings they said were made with the product even in the area of energy savings as the need for the new batteries was pushed out a projected 2 years.

There are numerous great testimonies of the product that you can read about such as this one from Crown Lift: Crown Lift Truck’s corporate office for Southern California tested Battery Equaliser on a four year old, 36 volt forklift battery.

“It was evaluated as a 3 hour battery on the first test and would need 4 cells rebuilt before it could be returned to service, but 5 cycles after Battery Equaliser was added the battery was returned to their customer as a full 6 hour battery. Quite a cost savings. This battery is running better than ever. We recommend Battery Equaliser should be used as a preventative maintenance product on all new batteries to prevent this kind of sulfation build-up.”

Perhaps the best testimony to the product is the fact that the company has been around since 1997. I would imagine if the product was not working then the company would have gone out of business long ago!

Powerstride Battery is a proud supplier of the Battery Equaliser product!!  You can get your supply of Battery equalizer:

Battery Equaliser Usage Chart 

12 Volt Car Battery -- 1/2 oz. per cell 

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery -- 1 oz. per cell 

6 Volt Car Battery -- 1 oz. per cell 

6 Volt Golf Cart Battery -- 2 oz. per cell 

8 Volt Golf Cart Battery -- 2 oz. per cell 

12 Volt Large Truck Batter -- 2 oz. per cell (8HD or 8D) 

24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery -- 3 1/2 oz. per cell or 1/2 oz. per 100 Ah per cell (1000 Ah = 5oz. per cell). Please use whichever is greater for maximum benefit. 

STN & 6TL Batteries For Military Use -- 1 oz. per cell


Aug 30th 2018 The Battery Genius

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