Power Source LIGHTNING START Batteries

The Power Source LIGHTNING START Batteries are specifically engineered for today's high compression V-Twin motorcycles that require very high cranking performance. We're confident that you won't find a higher-cranking SLA Battery on the market today! Some of our Power Source batteries come with a free charger also! These replacement batteries offer the very best performance with a 99% performance record and high-quality control at the OEM battery level.


  • Completely sealed, liquid free motorcycle, scooter, quad, and side-by-side batteries will not leak or corrode
  • High performance sealed powersport batteries that perform mounted in any position
  • Non-hazardous, maintenance free design with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology
  • Offers higher cold cranking amps than conventional batteries to ensure easy starting every time
  • All the reliability you need to start your ATV, UTV, snowmobile, watercraft, jet ski, or sea doo

Durable and Reliable

Power Source batteries feature sealed construction to allow safe operation in any position. The design features a specialized oxygen cycle that recombines gases during overcharge so there is no need to add electrolyte. These batteries are also factory pre-charged. Enjoy longer amp hours and ultra high performance while riding your KawasakiSuzukiHondaYamaha, or Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Power Source batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to provide a choice between volts and capacity. They may be used in either cyclic or standby applications without sacrificing life or performance. High-impact resistant ABS non-conductive plastic, styrene, or polypropylene make up the durable case. This case protects the battery and provides excellent resistance to vibrations, shock, chemicals, and temperature. These batteries also include a warranty to give you peace of mind.

Popular Models 

WPX30L-NG AGM Motorcycle Battery | NANO GEL

WPX20L-NG AGM Motorcycle Battery | NANO GEL

Replaces The Following Batteries

  • Harley 35989-90B
  • Harley 68989-97A
  • Harley 65989-97B
  • Harley 65989-97C
  • Harley 65989-98C
  • AutoZone GTX20L-BS
  • Car Quest/ GS 71267
  • Douglas SurePower 20L-BS
  • East Penn Deka ETX20L(1)
  • Exide 20L-BS
  • Ges America 20L-BS
  • Interstate YTX20L-BS
  • JIS 20L-BS
  • Motocross M320BS
  • NAPA 740-1890
  • Power-Sonic PTX20L-BS
  • Sears 44027
  • Superior Battery GTX20L-BS
  • Walmart ES20L-BS
  • Yacht CTX20L-BS FA
  • Yuasa YTX20L-BS

Our Power Source batteries also come with a FREE battery charger!

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Jun 15th 2021

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