U.S. Battery RV

U.S. Battery RV

US Battery Deep Cycle

Powerstride Battery is a distributor and seller of the best quality U.S. Battery Manufacturing Co. products in the battery industry and made in the USA! U.S. Battery is an industry leader globally in maintenance free, deep cycle battery manufacturing. Unlike car batteries, deep cycle batteries are designed to provide steady currents of electricity over a long period of time, for a variety of uses. They are also rechargeable and can be discharged/recharged many times with most battery chargers, as opposed to having to rely on power from an alternator like many types of starting batteries. No need to worry about cold cranking amps (CCA)

We take pride in all of our American-made, deep cycle lead acid batteries.  These battery types specifically designed for things such as golf carts, floor cleaning machines, lift and access devices, marine activities, RV, solar power systems for off-grid applications, and anywhere else that high quality deep cycle batteries may be used!


Powerstride Battery is committed to providing the best battery technology, the most competitive pricing, and the highest quality products! All of our batteries come with manufacturer backed warranties.


Most Popular U.S. Batteries:

·         Deep cycle batteries

·         Automotive batteries

·         Marine batteries

·         Sealed batteries

·         RV batteries

·         Golf cart batteries

·         Lithium batteries/Lithium-Ion Batteries

·         AGM batteries (Absorbed Glass Mat)

·         AGM Deep Cycle batteries

·         6-volt, 8-volt, 12-volt


Popular Uses for this Product Line:

·         Golf Cart Batteries

·         Energy Storage / Renewable energy / Solar Power

·         Floor Machines - scrubbers, sweepers

·         Aerial work platforms


Popular US Batteries


US Battery 24DCXC2 - 12 Volt 85Ah Deep Cycle Battery


The US 24DCXC2 12v battery was specifically designed for deep cycle dual-purpose markets. Most Group 24 batteries have thinner, automotive style plates with highly-concentrated, deep cycle paste formulations. US Battery is the only manufacturer to use golf cart-style deep cycle lead plates (thicker) with their EXCLUSIVE "Xtreme Capacity" high concentration synthetic tetrabasic lead sulfate (TTBLS) paste mixture. This synthetic TTBLS crystal structure produces a strong active material in the formed plates to achieve the much longer lifespan that is needed for deep cycle battery applications. This helps your battery last for a longer period of time because it works harder than any other flooded lead acid battery on the market!


US Battery 8VGCXC2 (7630) - 8 Volt Deep Cycle Battery


US 8VGC 8V is a deep cycle golf cart battery. The US 8VGC XC powers around the course like no other! Its Xtreme Capacity provides 25 Amps for 345 minutes, giving you nearly 150 amp hours. What that means is that you'll never have to worry about not finishing the job! The 8VGC XC puts all other 8-volt deep cycle batteries to shame with 30% MORE capacity than the Trojan T875, and 25% more than Exide. Why would you ever gamble using anything else? 


USAGM12V150 - 12V Group GC12 AGM Deep Cycle Battery

·         US Battery AGM 12 Volt Group GC12 Battery

·         Voltage: 12

·         Capacity: 150 Ahr

·         Group GC12 Case Length: 12.9"

·         Width: 7.09"

·         Height: 10.8"

·         Weight: 91.5 lbs

·         Terminals: Standard T11

·         1 Year Warranty Includes FREE Ground Shipping!