Lifeline Batteries - The Best Marine and RV Battery

Without a doubt, the most common question we get from Lifeline Battery shoppers is, "Why are they so much better than other batteries?" The truth remains the same: They are simply a better battery.

Every single battery is hand-packed and carefully assembled using the latest AGM technology and proprietary electrolyte and Glass-Mat chemistry. Buy Lifeline Batteries here.

That makes LIFELINE Batteries the longest lasting, most durable batteries on the market today.  Consider the following benefits and then ask yourself, What do you want at "The heart of your system?"

Lifeline AGM Battery Benefits

•      Aircraft class cell construction; lowest internal resistance that provides high repeated cranking current.

•      100% Maintenance-Free AGM Design

•      When discharged to the BCI recommended 50%, Lifeline batteries provide nearly 1000 life cycles, which is significantly more than other technologies.  Other flooded and gelled batteries fall between 300 to 450 life cycles at 50% discharges.

•      Significant increase in recharge rate, with no current limitations when you properly regulate the charging voltage.

•      Much better charge retention rate when compared to flooded and gelled technologies, around 2% per month vs. 10%.

•      With proper charging there is no maintenance required, no adding water, no cleaning corrosion.

•      During normal charging conditions there is no dangerous gassing.

•      Lifeline battery construction has passed extensive military shock and vibration requirements.

•      Lifeline provides safety even during severe overcharging as the batteries produce less than 2% hydrogen gas (4.1% is required for flammability in air).

•      Lifeline batteries currently installed in Marine and RV applications are providing a life span ranging from 5 to 8 years.

•      Lifeline offers one of the best warranties in the industry with our 5-year pro-rated and a one-year free replacement.

•      Lifleline Batteries are currently present in more than 150 OEM’s both in the US and Internationally. 

•      Lifeline offers customers an extensive and growing dealer / distributor network to make our batteries easily accessible.

•      Lifeline has more than 25 years experience with AGM batteries and are the pioneers of the technology.

Powerstride Battery has the best prices on Lifeline AGM Batteries, and Lifeline Batteries are the best marine battery and best RV Battery known to man.

It all starts at their construction process.  From the first stages of grid casting to the final forming of the batteries, everything is done by hand to ensure flawless design and manufacturing. Next, Lifeline uses only the finest lead, glass matting, epoxies, and separators to ensure maximum performance in Marine and RV applications or where High vibration and demanding conditions put batteries to the test.

Lifeline Batteries are without a doubt the Best RV Battery and Best Marine Battery in the world.

Call Powerstride Battery TOLL FREE at (877)576-9379 to order your set today!

Jul 21st 2010 The Battery Genius

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