Medical Batteries

Medical Batteries

Powerstride Battery sells rechargeable medical batteries for all types of medical equipment requiring temporary or emergency power backup and battery chargers from a battery-based storage system. Permanent and portable X-rays, CT Scaner, defibrillators, MRI, oxygen generators, and IV pumps all use replacement batteries for backup or extended use away from AC power supplies. Even emergency lighting in hospitals relies on these power backup systems. Select the Brand of medical devices battery you are looking for from the convenient drop-down menu below and start shopping for your healthcare preparedness needs.

About Medical Batteries

Medical products like rechargeable batteries are typically the same batteries found in backup power systems used in emergency situations that power appliances and equipment in homes during a power outage. The length of time a battery pack-based storage system can provide emergency power to these medical units depends on its overall capacity and the type of medical appliance used.

Medical industry batteries are not designed to provide power over an extended length of time. These battery-based storage systems are typically used no more than 2 – 10 hours as the situation demands.

Hospital Emergency Equipment— such as lithium, sealed lead acid, alkaline, and lead acid batteries, and more can be found here.

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Our Mission


Powerstride Battery relentlessly strives to transform the medical device battery market with our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim, from the initial inquiry, delivery of the product, to the after-sales service is to assure total customer satisfaction.


We comprehend the severity of our role in the medical supply chain, where a deficient battery can lead to critical situations. We are focused on delivering reliable battery packs, from custom to standard ones, providing the optimal battery chemistry for each application.


Powerstride Battery’s mission is to power medical devices with the highest quality batteries, promising reliability, safety, and performance. Our part in the medical industry isn't merely about manufacturing; it's about invigorating the functionality of critical medical devices, improving the effectiveness of medical research labs, and enriching the lives of our customers and their patients.


Through our steadfast commitment to meeting the specific needs of the medical industry and offering solutions that energize the devices they depend on, we at Powerstride Battery affirm our dedication to performance, safety, and exceptional customer service.


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