AGM / SLA & GEL Batteries

AGM / SLA & GEL Batteries

Powerstride Battery sells the best AGM Batteries from manufacturers like Lifeline Battery, Odyssey, UNIVERSAL and US Battery AGM. All our AGM Batteries are Brand New and come with a FULL Factory Warranty. As always, Powerstride Battery ships every AGM Battery for FREE!




AGM batteries also have valves regulating the amount of hydrogen and oxygen gas allowed to escape during charging. They fall under a broader category of valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, typically used for storing a lot of power for a long time or for long-running power uses. AGM technology has a spill-proof design and a longer cycle life. These types of batteries work with different types of battery chargers and can hold more amp hours. The deep cycle AGM 12v battery from Powerstride comes with a highly durable battery case.


Developed in the late 1970s, AGM batteries mostly served as backup power for telephone boxes and early computer rooms. Their use expanded over the decades to include motorcycles, military, aircraft, submarines and power banks for offices. This type of deep cycle battery can also be used as a car battery and can be used in power systems for solar power.


Lead-acid batteries have a design that uses a non-woven micro glass mat separator that is soft, compressible, and very absorbent. In a manner like a disposable baby diaper, the separator absorbs and holds the acid. The separator is 92-96% porous and absorbs 7-8 times its weight in acid. The absorbed glass mat gives these 12v 100ah batteries a longer lifespan and a higher discharge rate.


Advantages of AGM lithium batteries:

Longer lifespan and battery life, can last for years and fight corrosion.
This battery technology can be easily recharged with a charger, in some cases up to 5 times faster.
Do not have to worry about overcharging.
Can be produced at a lower cost than 12 volt gel batteries.
Have a low internal resistance and are maintenance free.
Perform well in temperatures below 32 degrees.


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