Lifeline AGM Batteries

Lifeline AGM Batteries

At Powerstride Battery, we proudly offer a complete line of Lifeline AGM batteries for your boating or RV needs. Our Lifeline Batteries are all brand new and conveniently shipped directly to your doorstep or dock. In addition, we take pride in providing free ground shipping and the Lifeline Battery 5-Year pro-rated warranty with a 1-year free replacement period.

Made with the highest quality materials and advanced AGM technology, our AGM batteries provide reliable and long-lasting power for recreational vehicles or deep-cycle applications. In addition, these batteries are maintenance-free, meaning you can spend less time worrying about your power supply. Our Lifeline batteries are designed for deep-cycle applications and are engineered to provide long-lasting, reliable performance.

With a range of models, including the Lifeline GPL-4CT, GPL-24T, GPL-31T, GPL-1400T, GPL-4DA, GPL-8DA, and GPL-U1T, you can choose the perfect battery to suit your needs. These AGM deep-cycle batteries have many features, including high cranking power, long service life, and high reserve capacity, making them an excellent choice for recreational vehicles and other applications.


The GPL-2400T, GPL-27T, and GPL-3100T models are specifically designed for deep-cycle applications, while the GPL-6CT, GPL-8DL, and GPL-4CT models are commonly used in the US Military for marine environments. These batteries are designed for the most challenging conditions and can provide consistent power in even the most extreme environments. Moreover, a high amp-hour reserve capacity and minutes of discharge allow for long-lasting power and peace of mind.


Whether you need a battery for your boat, RV, solar panel, or inverter, Powerstride Battery has you covered. We even have battery chargers  to ensure you’re always charged and ready to go!


At Powerstride, we stand behind the quality of our products. Every battery we sell comes with free ground shipping and a 5 Year pro-rated warranty with a 1-year free replacement period. So why wait? Shop now and experience the power and performance of our products at unbeatable prices.