Aerial Lift Battery Basics

Aerial Lift Battery Basics

Aerial Lift Battery Basics

One of the most important tools you have on your job site might be your aerial lift, Boom Lift, Man Lift or Scissor Lift. Without your aerial work platform, you may be stuck on the ground, burning time and money while the job you need to do sits 20 feet above you. We want your lift to run from the moment you start the day, to the last movement as you put it away.

In this article, we’re going to go over the various batteries Powerstride offers for your lift, as well as what factors you can use to choose which of our batteries is best for you.


  • US Battery – US Battery is a longstanding manufacturer of top-quality deep cycle batteries, and have been producing batteries for aerial lifts for over 30 years. Powerstride offers both the US Flooded and the US AGM line, and stocks the full line of batteries, for every price and performance requirement. US Battery’s flooded line is built domestically, and carries a 2 year warranty when in an aerial lift capacity. We can ship all batteries (including flooded) domestically, via ground pallet service.
  • Universal Power Group – UPG exclusively manufactures AGM batteries in almost all sizes, from small batteries for alarm backup systems, all the way to heavy industrial batteries for boats, aerial lifts and forklifts. Powerstride carries the entire UPG line and can ship any battery domestically via ground pallet service.
  • Lifeline – Lifeline also builds exclusively AGM batteries, and is known to have the highest quality of any AGM manufacturer. When you need the absolute best, look no further then LifeLine Battery. They are one of the only domestic producers of Deep Cycle AGM batteries, and have been building AGM batteries for heavy service, like aircraft, RVs, Boats and Aerial Lifts for many years. Powerstride carries the entire LifeLine range, and can ship to any domestic address via Ground Pallet Service.

Chemistries: Batteries for Aerial Lifts come in 3 primary types.

  • Flooded – Flooded lead acid (“FLA”) batteries are the most standard and traditional type of battery for your lift. Most lifts ship with this type of battery, and it’s what was likely originally installed in your lift by the manufacturer.


  • Most affordable and readily available option for lifts
  • Heavy enough to act as the counterweight in most lifts
  • Onboard charger likely designed for this kind of battery


  • Not a sealed battery, and considered hazardous material, which can make transport of the aerial lift more difficult
  • Requires maintenance in the form of top charging, equalization and water maintenance
  • Must be recycled by a certified recycler and cannot be easily discarded
  • AGM – Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) batteries are a newer type of battery then flooded a flooded battery, with some distinct advantages. One of the biggest advantages is that these batteries are fully sealed and have no need


  • Significantly more resistance to vibration then an FLA
  • Sealed battery – makes transport easier as there is no fluid to leak
  • Higher levels of Amp Hours and longer life
  • No maintenance needed – battery is completely sealed and cannot be opened


  • May require a new charger to be properly charged
  • Higher initial cost then a flooded battery
  • Must be recycled by a certified recycler and cannot be easily discarded
  • Lithium – WARNING: Many lifts were designed with the batteries as being part of the counterweight! Lithium batteries are significantly lighter then both AGM and FLA batteries, and are generally not recommended for use in a lift, unless the lift was specifically designed with those batteries in mind.
  • US Battery Table – This table is not every battery US sells, but does include the most common aerial lift batteries. Please call us at (877) 576-9379 if you don’t see your battery listed or have any questions
Group Size Model Voltage Chemistry Ah (20hr rate) Weight (in lbs) Dimensions (in inches)
GC2 US 2200 XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 232 62 10.25 x 7.125 x 11.25
GC2 US 125 XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 242 66 10.25 x 7.125 x 11.25
GC2 US 145 XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 251 70 10.25 x 7.125 x 11.25
GC2 US AGM 2224 6V AGM 65 224 10.25 x 7.125 x 10.375
185 US 185 XC2 12V AGM 200 109 15.625 x 7.0625 x 14.875
185 US 185HC XC2 12V Flooded 220 120 15.625 x 7.0625 x 14.875
185 US 12V240 12V AGM 230 147 15 x 7.125 x 14.5
305 US 305 XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 310 90 12.437 x 7.125 x 14.625
305 US 305HC XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 340 96 12.437 x 7.125 x 14.625
305 US 305 AGM 6V AGM 330 108 11.625 x 7.125 x 14.375
L16 US L16 XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 385 110 12.437 x 7.125 x 16.75
L16 US L16 HC XC2 6V Flooded Lead Acid 420 118 12.437 x 7.125 x 14.625
L16 US L16 AGM 6V AGM 400 123 11.625 x 7.125 x 16.5


By following these maintenance tips tailored to different types of deep cycle batteries, aerial lift operators can maximize the lifespan and reliability of their equipment, ensuring a safer and more efficient work environment.  Call Powerstride at (877) 576-9379 to discuss what battery is right for you!

Feb 27th 2024 Powerstride Technical Team

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