Gel Batteries

Gel Batteries

Gel Batteries

Gel cell batteries are a maintenance-free alternative to flooded cell deep cycle batteries. They contain a silica-based gel in which battery electrolytes are suspended, allowing electrons to flow freely between plates. The nice thing about spill-proof gel batteries is that they don’t leak even if the battery case is broken. These batteries also fight against corrosion and prevent overcharging.

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Powerstride offers many different types of gel batteries from many other manufacturers, including:


●  Deka 8G27M - 12 Volt Group 27 Deep Cycle Gel Marine Battery

    ○   The Deka 8G27 Battery has been specifically designed for high-vibration, deep cycling applications. This battery is suited to deep cycle applications ranging from Marine and Industrial use to Wheelchair and Mobility. Specifications include 12 volts and 88 amp hours. 

●  6 Volt 200Ah Gel Cell Sealed Lead Acid Golf Cart Battery - UB-GC2GEL

    ○   When powering your Golf Cart, you want the best bang for your buck! So why settle for an ordinary, messy golf cart battery when you can get outstanding performance in a GEL design at a great price? In addition, these batteries have a longer cycle life than their competition.

●  12 Volt 60 Ah Gel Cell Sealed Lead Acid Battery (D5871)

    ○  Manufacturer: Universal Power Group. These batteries have 12 volts, 60 amp-hours, SLA Gel chemistry, and a 1-year replacement warranty.


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