Charging Motorcycle Batteries 

A fully-charged 12-volt motorcycle battery should measure about 12.6 - 13.5 volts between terminals depending upon its chemistry. 12-volt motorcycle batteries supply useful energy only through a limited voltaic range -- from over 14 volts (when fully charged and rested) down to 10.5 volts in use/under load (this battery is noticed when lights dim, or your motorcycle is hard to start). No 12-volt battery will remain at over 14 volts for more than a few seconds unless it's being charged. The lowest limit is 10.5 volts (used in testing) and obviously unsatisfactory for practical use. If your battery is a flooded lead acid (with caps) check the fluid levels on each cell before charging. 

If any battery cell is low, carefully fill it to the minimum level using distilled water. Use only distilled water. When charging conventional, flooded lead-acid motorcycle batteries, loosen vent caps and ventilate charging area. A buildup of hydrogen and oxygen in the battery or in the charging area can create an explosion hazard. If the battery feels hot to the touch during charging, STOP. Allow the battery to cool before charging again. Heat damages the plates, and a motorcycle battery that is too hot can explode.

Properly connect the charger to the motorcycle battery: positive (RED) charger lead to positive battery post and negative (BLACK) charger lead to negative battery post. Unplug the charger or turn it off before you disconnect the leads, which will cut down on the chance of the clamps arcing on the terminals. ALWAYS use a Motorcycle/Trickle Charger when charging Motorcycle Batteries. A Motorcycle charger supplies NO MORE than 7.5 Amps during the charging process. Make sure your charger is the same voltage (6 Volt or 12 Volt) as the battery you are charging. Charge for a full 8-12 hours.

NOTE: If your battery is HOT – STOP. You’re either charging the motorcycle battery incorrectly or your battery is damaged. If your battery SWELLS – STOP. You’re doing it wrong or your motorcycle battery is damaged. If your battery is SMOKING – STOP. You’re doing it wrong. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at POWERSTRIDE at 877-576-9379 for tips. 

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Sep 20th 2012 The Battery Genius

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