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Battery Equaliser 12oz bottle

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Battery Equaliser 12oz bottle


Battery Equaliser is a non-corrosive, non flammable, liquid battery treatment. Formulated to extend the life and performance of any new or used lead acid battery. For use in motorcycles, autos, trucks, RV's, boat, golf carts and electric forklift batteries. Battery Equaliser has been tested and proven to be the #1 battery additive WORLDWIDE! 

Battery Equaliser improves battery chemistry. This prevents sulfation from occurring in new batteries, and breaks up existing sulfation in older batteries. Battery Equaliser returns batteries as close to new as possible, with continued normal maintenance. DOUBLES BATTERY LIFE! (Battery Equaliser will not fix or repair a dead cell.) Sulfation is a residue that remains on the plates of a battery after current is produced. This residue increases with each charge and discharge cycle. Over time the residue/resistance will choke out the batteries ability to produce an electrical current. Historically, over charging or "equalizing charge", has been the only way to deal with this problem. Sulfation is a natural part of the battery's chemistry. Battery Equaliser is the only product on the market to effectively reduce existing sulfation and prevent new sulfation by improving the battery chemistry.

 Battery Equaliser Usage Chart 

12 Volt Car Battery -- 1/2 oz. per cell 

12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery -- 1 oz. per cell 

6 Volt Car Battery -- 1 oz. per cell 

6 Volt Golf Cart Battery -- 2 oz. per cell 

8 Volt Golf Cart Battery -- 2 oz. per cell 

12 Volt Large Truck Batter -- 2 oz. per cell (8HD or 8D) 

24-36-48 Volt Forklift Battery -- 3 1/2 oz. per cell or 1/2 oz. per 100 Ah per cell (1000 Ah = 5oz. per cell)                         Please use which ever is greater for maximum benefit. 

STN & 6TL Batteries For Military Use -- 1 oz. per cell