Snorkel UNO 33E Boom Lift Battery

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  • Snorkel UNO 33E Boom Lift Battery
  • Snorkel UNO 33E Boom Lift Battery


US2200 XC2 6-Volt Golf Cart Battery

US 2200 XC 6V Deep Cycle Battery The workhorse of standard flooded 6 Volt batteries, the US 2200 Xtreme Capacity delivers an astounding 750 cycles at 50% Depth of Discharge and 232 Amp Hours of capacity with it's patented Diamond Plate Technology! That's 232 Amp Hours! More than Trojan T105 -- More than Exide 3600... and certainly more than the 208 Ahr rating of your club store battery. No other standard flooded 6 volt battery out performs the US 2200 XC2 -- ORDER YOUR SET TODAY!

WHY CHOOSE US2200 XC2 over Trojan? Because it's worth it!
CLICK HERE to see why! 

CLICK HERE to see the latest INDEPENDENT Lab Test Results! 

Print the US2200 Spec Sheet here!


Length : 10-1/4” (260mm) 

Width : 7-1/8” (181mm) 

Height over terminals: 11-1/4” (286mm) 

AMP Hours & Capacity: 

Amp Hours (20 hr. rate) : 232 

Minutes @ 75 Aamps: 122 mins. 

Minutes @ 25 Amps 474 mins. 

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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