When It’s Time To Change Your Alarm Batteries

When it comes to your personal safety, you can never be too careful. Whether it's switching out your smoke alarm batteries or installing a new home security system, knowing when to change your alarm system batteries is crucial to maintaining a safe environment. Powerstride Battery has a wide selection of batteries that exceed specifications for every Alarm Battery manufacturer, so finding the right battery is easier than ever.

There are three main signs to look for in order to know when it's time replace the batteries in your alarm system:

1. Your standard low battery warning

Low battery warnings are common and if the low battery indicator light illuminates on your system's control panel even though it hasn’t used backup battery power in a while, a battery with little remaining longevity may be the underlying cause. When you do replace the battery, make sure to get a replacement that is compatible with your system's alarm panel. Powerstride offers batteries that are compatible with any alarm system from ADT Security Alarms to Brinks, Securitron, Detex Systems and more.

2. The age of your battery

The lifespan of your batteries is affected by a number of factors, including the types of batteries that you use and how often you use that particular system. To be on the safe side, you should replace your smoke detector and home security battery systems every three to five years to maximize run time during an outage. The exceptions to this rule are motion-sensor and motion detector batteries, whose latest models can last five to seven years in the right conditions.

3. Sudden beeping

If the security panel for your home alarm system starts beeping, it’s a sign that the power supply is low and the battery most likely needs replaced. Initially, as a warning, the keypad may beep infrequently. Over time, the beeping will become more consistent as the battery's power supply drains. Replacing your old power supply with Powerstride's alarm batteries keeps your alarm system working properly, which in turn keeps your home safer.

Alarm batteries from Powerstride

Alarm batteries from Powerstride can be used for home alarm systems, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. We offer 4- to 12-volt batteries with up to 32 Amp hours for guaranteed durability and longevity. Having battery backups is important to have on hand in the case of power outages, and Powerstride offers a reliable power source so that you never have to worry about being unprepared.

Here are a few alarm batteries from our inventory:

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Oct 1st 2021

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