What is a Battery Watering System?

Oh, ho!  A Battery Watering System, you ask? It's only the best thing to happen to flooded lead acid batteries since the built in handle!

You know the hassle of taking off each and every cell cap, and then carefully checking to make sure you don't spill acid all over your garage floor, clothes, and your golf cart?  Then having to precisely measure the water level in each cell of the battery, hoping to get the level just perfect so you batteries don't bulge and explode and boil over? FORGET ABOUT THOSE DAYS! A Battery Watering System, like the one made by the fine folks at Flow-Rite, can make your battery maintenance a breeze!

Once installed, you never have to remove a cap or measure water levels again!

Gone are the worries of spills, messes, and ruined clothing.  Just prime your Hand Pump in a gallon jug of distilled water,  connect the Hand Pump, squeeze until the bulb is firm -- and YOU ARE FINISHED!  Your batteries are watered! AND with the perfect level each and every time thanks to a gravity-ball flange that controls water flow!

The Pro-Fill Battery Watering System is safe and easy to install.  No tools are required to install the snap-on / snap-off connections with manifold assemblies or tubular connectors.

Once installed, the Pro-Fill Battery Watering System is left installed WHILE YOU OPERATE your golf car, RV, Boat, or Electric Vehicle. It allows you to fill your batteries safely without ever having to remove vent covers again.

Trojan Battery now offers a watering system for it's batteries, but The Battery Genius likes the Pro-Fill On-Board Battery Watering System because it's versatile enough to be used on any manufacturers' batteries (with the right manifolds) and can be easily customized for any application!

Mar 26th 2010 The Battery Genius

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