US Battery XC2 REALLY beats Trojan!

The benefits of US Battery XC2™ include:

  • Highest initial capacity
  • Fastest cycle up to full rated capacity
  • Greatest total energy delivered over the life of the battery
  • Ultimate compatibility with the wide range of chargers currently used
  • in the field
  • High charge efficiency designed to meet the new California Energy
  • Commission regulation for combined charger/battery charge efficiency
122 minutes @ 75 AMP draw 115 minutes @ 75 AMP draw More Reserve CAPACITY!How? (READ ON!)
63 lb. Weight Only 60.1 lb Weight MORE LEAD = more capacity
19 plates per cell Only 17 plates per cell Easier to water, more margin for error in getting the water level correct.
5% Antinium Alloy Blend 4% Antimony Trojan Alloy Antinium™ has no grain boundary, minimizes grid corrosion, extends plate life. More efficient charging due to improved gassing performance.
NEW Diamond Plate Xtreme Capacity™ Technology Paste Trojan still uses a standard TTBLS paste US Battery Proprietary formula uses synthetic(TeTraBasicLeadSulfate): ensures uniform chrystal size, higher conversion efficiency and capacity, PLUS:
  • Higher peak capacity, improved cycle life
  • Improved energy density (watt-hours/Liter), and specific energy (watt-hrs/Kilo)
  • Enhanced recharge-ability; costs less to charge, more receptive to charge in cold temperatures.
  • Fortified plate construction improved; stronger crystal network, decreased shedding of positive plate
Chrystalock™ plate curing Alpha Plus plate curing Optimized crystalline structure of synthetic TTBLS paste for extra life, tribasic lead sulphate for capacity. Trojan’s alpha lead dioxide is formed with high temperature or high pH, neither of which results in any advantage.
Positive locking Speed Cap™ Manifold push cap No vibrating loose or acid spitting!
Positive terminal weight = 152.1 grams Positive terminal weight = Only 128.4 grams  US2200 XC2 terminal is 23.7 grams heavier more durable under high frequency charge and discharge
Negative terminal weight = 142 grams Negative terminal weight =    Only 126.3 grams  US2200 XC2 terminal is 15.7 grams heavier More durable more durable under high frequency charge and discharge

The results are clear... US Battery outperforms, outruns, outlasts, and out-classes Trojan! You could buy a cheaper battery than a US... But then, you'd be buying a cheaper battery wouldn't you? 

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Oct 5th 2012 The Battery Genius

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