Uh, OH! Batteries Not Included! Some Assembly Required!

The Power Wheels Car or Truck of your child's dreams is being prepared for Christmas or Hanukkah and you realize in the eleventh hour that you have a TON of building to do on their toy or - even worse - you've forgotten the extra batteries!

Or, maybe you're getting all those electronic devices wrapped up and realize that four pack of AA's you paid $6.50 as you rushed out the store, won't last past the second screening of A Christmas Story during TBS's 24 Hour Christmas Marathon...


Powerstride Battery has you covered - with the BATTERIES at least!

Bypass those EXPENSIVE PegPerego and PowerWheels replacement batteries by purchasing a spare battery at Powerstride and reconnecting the charging ports yourself.  You can learn how to replace Powerwheels Batteries and PegPerego Batteries by watching the following video! The best part, you will have saved $50-$75 by not buying the name brand replacement battery, putting more Christmas money in your own stocking!

For all those electronics, Powerstride is proud to offer Duracell Procell professional grade alkaline batteries in bulk pack - bulk pricing quantities for all of those Christmas toys that require power. You can purchase 48 Duracell Procell - AA Batteries  for about 88¢ per battery INCLUDING FREE SHIPPING! Powerstride Battery even offers AAA, D, C cell and 9 Volt sizes as well at prices WELL BELOW retail.

If you're looking for EXTRA SAVINGS at Christmas, think of what powers all those toys and you'll find sneaky ways of saving. In fact, if you buy your  Power Wheels replacement batteries from Powerstride, you might just have enough money to PAY them to assemble that gift and sit back realax this holiday season!

Dec 17th 2011 The Battery Genius

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