Where Will You be Power-Sporting This Summer?

Summer is drawing near!! Summer means powersporting for many people, which means the thrill seekers will be unleashed everywhere. The mountains, canyons, rivers, roads, rocks, lakes, waves, and beaches are calling!!! Trips and plans are being made or have already been made in advance. This is the time for extra time, free time, vacations, stay-cations, excursions, 3 day weekends, road trips, day trips and everything else a long summer affords you. Summer trips open the door to explore the great outdoors and your powersport of choice provides you and your friends and family the euophoria that can only come with motorcycles, ATV’s, and PWC’s. Powerstride Battery has compiled the top 20 powersports locations you will want to hang out at this summer. So, friends and family, soloists and freebirds everywhere all you need to have fun this summer is an engine, a desire for adventure, and a place to ride.

Out from the Archives, here they are...The Top 20 Powersports Summer Hangouts:

On Land: Motorcycles and ATV’s

1. Honey Lake MX – Milford, California

Considered one of the most challenging motocross tracks in the United States, Honey Lake MX can be found on a beautiful hill side with trees and shrubbery scattered throughout the landscape. But don’t be fooled by its serene appearance or innocent name because Honey Lake MX not for the faint of heart due to its 500ft elevation changes over the course of the track.

2. The Ridge Off Road Riding Park – Springville, Alabama

With exactly 30 miles of trails, the Ridge Off Road Riding Park is designed to be ridden by both motorcycles and ATV’s with riders of all styles and skills. Open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 9-5, you only need to pay $15 dollars to enjoy all that the Ridge has to offer with its open fields, tight woods, and beautiful scenery.

3. Thunder Valley Motocross – Lakewood, Colorado

Located in the foothills of the Rockies, Thunder Valley Motocross offers 130 acres of well-maintained landscape to ride on. Proclaimed the best motocross track in Colorado, you too can experience all the thrills that Thunder Valley has to offer from 9-5 on every day of the week except for Mondays and Tuesdays.

4. Three Palms Extreme Sports Park – Houston, Texas

With five different tracks and a supercross track, Three Palms Extreme Sports Park has everything you need to enjoy a fun filled day of powersports. Each track presents different challenges and difficulties that will make each turn, corner, and switchback feel like a great accomplishment.

5. Cub Run MX Playground – Munfordville, Kentucky

This family oriented track is great for kids yet offers challenges for even older, experienced riders here at Club Run MX Playground. For just $10, you can enjoy and experience every twist and every turn this track has to offer. New and improved tracks are constantly being added to deliver an experience that is always changing.

6. TNT Motorsports Park – Chester, South Carolina

Designed for riders of all skill and experience, TNT Motorsports Park is great for a family weekend trip due to its friendly staff, great food, and camping area. With three trails to choose from, you will find that each provides hours of endless fun for everyone.

7. Freestone Raceway – Wortham, Texas

Considered the best lighted tracks in the nation, Freestone Raceway is the annual site for the Lucas Oil Pro Outdoor Motocross Series races with natural elevation changes, massive jumps, and even a sand whoops section. Unleash your inner powersports professional and take on this beast of a course.

8. Pure MX Track – Montalba, Texas

With a sandy top and a red clay base, Pure MX Track is ½ miles long with over 11 tabletop jumps, constant elevation changes, a whoop section, and impeccable integration of geographic landmarks such as White Mountain and Beaver Valley.

9. Swan Raceway Park – Tyler, Texas

With over 25 acres of beautiful jumps, turns, and corners, Swan Raceway Park offers shaded parking, over 50 RV hookups, restrooms, food concessions, picnic tables, and a grand stand capable of seating over 3,000 people.

10. Underground – Kemp, Texas

With natural elevations, giant table tops, and sand rollers, Underground has over 75 acres of exciting jumps and turns to test the skills of even the most experienced riders.   

Off Land: Jet Skis and PWC’s

1. Lake Powell – Page, Arizona

This clean, clear, blue lake has over 1,900 miles of shoreline and 180 miles of water to ski on. Open 24 hours a day, you can enjoy your favorite powersports without interruption.

2. Lake Pleasant – Phoenix, Arizona

With only an $8 entrance fee, you have over 3,700 acres of water to Jet Ski through in this beautiful scenic area. But be wary of the Arizona sun! There is no shade at any spot on the lake itself.

3. Canyon Lake – Riverside County, California

Located in the friendly, relaxing county of Riverside, Canyon Lake is a great place to take a vacation! With over 4 square miles of lake to ski upon, the fun and excitement will never run out.

4. Sand Island – Honolulu, Hawaii

A perfect PWC vacationing spot is Sand Island, an island surrounded by clear, blue water waiting to be enjoyed. Admission is free and there is a free Jet Ski Race Track near the island.

5. Milford Lake – Junction City, Kansas

Proclaimed the largest man-made lake in Kansas, Milford Lake is the perfect place for camping, family fun, and your PWC. With over 24 square miles of lake and 16,000 miles of surrounding wildlife, you will never be bored.

6. West Okoboji Lake – Dickinson County, Iowa

Great for fishing and water skiing, West Okoboji Lake is the perfect destination for powersports lovers. Named after one of the major historic Sioux tribes of the nineteenth century, the West Okoboji Lake spans exactly 3,847 acres.

7. Lake Bistineau – Doyline, Louisiana

As a result of extensive flooding during the 1800’s, Lake Bistineau is a long, narrow waterway extending over 15,550 acres. Part of the State Park system, Lake Bistineau is a great spot for camping and water skiing.

8. Lake Superior – Minnesota

The Duluth MN / Superior WI port of Lake Superior is a great place to water ski due to its high waves and exclusivity. With over 31,700 square miles of water to jet ski on, your powersports expectations will most certainly be met.

9. Table Rock Lake – Branson, Missouri

Impounded by the Table Rock Dam, the Table Rock Lake is a popular attraction and vacationing spot due 43,100 acres of fishing and PWC actives.

10. Walker Lake – Hawthorne, Nevada

This 50 mile natural lake in the Great Basin of western Nevada is a great place for jet skiing and camping in this rugged yet scenic area.

Enjoy your summer by making a visit to one of these 20 great powersports locations. Remember, have your battery checked and charged -- or get a new one at a great price from Powerstride Battery before you go!

Apr 24th 2018 The Battery Genius

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