The Care And Watering Of Batteries

There's a Better Way!

If you are a fleet service manager and you are tasked with watering batteries then you know the nasty, dreary time intensive task it is to water batteries multiplied by your fleet count. If this is your job then you need to know there is a much better way to look after batteries for golf carts and forklifts and other commercial equipment. A better way that is faster, safer and cleaner.

This better way will drastically reduce your labor costs by 90-95%! Did we get your attention yet?!

Battery Watering Technologies has built an array of watering kits that connect and automatically supply water to all the cells in a battery or bank of batteries. No more popping open cell caps and individually pouring in distilled water, cell by cell, battery by battery, bank by bank, fleet by fleet. It's plain to see, you don't need to do the math to see the savings but if you are one to count the cost, now with BWT watering kits you can add up the savings.

First, the watering kits help to extend the life of your batteries so that your battery lasts longer. Buy less batteries and redirect those costs elsewhere. Secondly, the watering kits do the work for you so you can work on something else, saving you labor costs. Your service technician redeems hours and hours of labor time. These two benefits hit your company's bottom line rather quickly. Saving time = saving money.

With battery Watering technologies single point systems, each battery is equipped with an easily installed series of interconnected valves which replace your existing vent caps. An electrolyte level indicator gives a visual indication that the cells were filled after watering. Water flows  through a single connection, filling each cell precisely. The process is completed in minutes!

Since batteries need to be filled several times each month, the 90-95% savings in time translates into substantial cost savings. With watering time dramatically reduced, employees become available for other tasks.

Let the battery gurus help identify which watering kit you need!

Sep 29th 2018 The Battery Genius

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