Powerstride’s Proper Care Tip # 6 (Batteries should be watered after charging unless plates are exposed before charging.)

Watering your batteries after a charge makes sure that your battery always has the necessary amount it needs to keep running without causing internal damage to your battery. If your battery’s plates are exposed before you begin to charge you will need to add distilled water to your battery. You will need to bring that water level to 1/8” above the plates or 1/4” below the bottom of the fill tube/battery well. Make sure to check your battery after charging as well because you may lose water in the process of charging. Over filling your battery can be just as damaging to your system as if you put too much water in when the battery charges the water will overflow and cause many different issue like premature corrosion or shorts in the battery. 

You should only ever add distilled water to your batteries. Much of what you battery needs does not evaporate during the charging process and will mix back into the added distilled water during the charging process. Adding anything but distilled water will void any warranty provided by your manufacturer. If it is too difficult to check your water levels or you do not feel comfortable then it is highly recommended to use a water fill system like the BWT or Flowrite kits. One of the most common issues with watering your battery is under filling and overfilling and keeping this tip in mind will keep you batteries healthy and far from a premature death.

Oct 28th 2020 The Battery Genius

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