Powerstride’s Proper Care Tip # 5 (Vent caps should be kept in place and tight during vehicle operation and battery charging.)

Keeping those caps from the top of Low Maintenance batteries is not only smart but highly recommended by all manufacturers. A very important part of your batteries longevity depends on its ability to recover water when possible. Taking the caps off or loosening them for any reason will allow an excess amount of water to escape from the battery. It can also cause excess amounts of gas vapors to build up corrosion on the posts of your batteries. Spillage is also a major issue when caps are loose during vehicle operation. You will need to make sure that after refilling your battery with distilled water that you tighten those caps down tight and also double checking them before trips. This little extra work will go a long way with helping extend the life of your batteries. So keep those caps tight and keep those batteries filled and charged and you battery will love you for it. 

Oct 21st 2020 The Battery Genius

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