Powerstride’s Proper Care Tip # 4 (batteries should be kept clean, free of dirt and corrosion at all times.)

Corrosion, the silent battery killer. Keeping your terminals and batteries clean can do wonders for the longevity of your battery. This bit of advice is applicable to any battery that is considered a flooded/acid filled battery; yes that includes maintenance free batteries. A lead acid battery will naturally gas out from the chemical reaction that occurs when a load is placed on a battery. Variables such as heat and age can also cause a battery to excessively expel gas. This gas is attracted to your terminals and if not cleaned off can build up on your battery terminals. This nasty stuff looks as bad as it is for your machine. If not properly dealt with this buildup can eat away at your terminals/connectors and also cause issue with charging due to an increase of resistance in the connection between your charger/alternator and your battery. There are many old fashion ways to simply clean this up such as baking soda, water and an old tooth brush but nothing really breaks down corrosion than a good battery spray. These sprays are designed to deeply penetrate and break apart any buildup of corrosion. To be on the safe side and to keep your mind at ease it’s highly recommended that you get some anti corrosion spray as well. This spray will coat your terminal and connectors with a grease like substance that will protect you and your machine through the years. These two simple things along with keeping an eye on your aging battery will almost guarantee that you will see the long life span you expect out of your battery. 

Oct 14th 2020 The Battery Genius

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