Powerstride’s Proper Care Tip # 2 (New batteries need to be cycled several times to reach full capacity)

So you got your new battery and you’re ready to hit the roads and enjoy your toys. STOP! Think ahead and make sure you have properly formatted your battery before forcing heavy discharges to your new battery. New batteries come rated at about 85% of capacity when they reach the end user and will take about 50-100 cycles to reach their peak cycles. A cycle for a battery is a slow discharge in voltage down and a recharge back to full. Batteries need time to get their “legs” underneath them and will give you everything back that you put into them. If you take the time to properly format your battery along with not drawing down below 50% capacity, avoiding excess heat, correct charging and watering your battery will support you for the long run. Batteries need to be worked out and up, similar to us, to be able to handle heavy discharges. So next time you get your new battery take the time to format the battery for 50-100 cycles then go off and enjoy your battery to the fullest of the manufacturers’ recommended specs. 

Sep 24th 2020 The Battery Genius

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