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First a quick industry lesson because not all batteries are created equally. 2 major categories of batteries are "starting" and "deep cycling" and traditionally they are apples and oranges to each other. The starting battery is also referred to as a “cranking” battery, and is used in engine starting applications - boat, car, truck, motorcycles, etc. These batteries give you quick bursts of energy via a thin plate design. An engine just need the battery to crank it over and then the alternator will supply charging back to the starting battery to keep it charged.  The second type is known as a “deep cycle” battery, and provides power in just the opposite way. The deep cycle battery does NOT give a burst of energy, but rather in a long and steady manner it supplies power. It has to keep supplying power and so it discharges deeply over that period of time. This is referred to as a deep discharge. Deep cycling batteries are not cranking an engine but meeting the energy demands of auxiliary functions such as radios, TVs, refrigerators, coffee makers, lights, fish finders and many other non engine applications found in RV's, boats, solar systems and elsewhere. Very often these power demands are needed when the engine is off or there is no engine at all and no plug in power facilities are available either. 

Thanks to newer SLA AGM designs from Universal Power Group today we have some great DUAL PURPOSE batteries that have the ability to serve both purposes and there are numerous applications that derive benefit from a single battery that can do both.

One of the most popular battery group sizes today that covers a broad spread of applications from mowers and garden equipment to medial equipment and scooters is what is called a U1 battery. One of the top US Battery Suppliers for the U1 is Universal Power Group (UPG) also known as Universal Batteries (UB) and they offer a very completive dual functioning AGM Battery in this U1 battery size labeled as the UB12350. This battery plays the exception very well. This dual purpose battery is capable of being put to use in both deep cycle and cranking applications! And it’s affordable AGM design outperforms any other U1 on the market, regardless of application. It replaces over 50 comparable batteries, including the Pride Mobility BATLIQ1017. For a complete list, visit here product page on the website. Need to buy quantities? Call for special bulk rates - 877-576-9379.

Although commonly used in motorized wheelchairs and scooters, this battery is being placed in a host other applications. Maybe you have a unique application that requires this unique combination of compact size and amp hour capacity. Contact Powerstride Battery to find out if this battery can fit the power and size need you have.

Special prices are listed so get your UB12350 now and save big. Buy reliable. Buy Powerstride Battery.

Sep 1st 2018 The Battery Genius

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