Odyssey Batteries introduces NEW Batteries!

So after YEARS and YEARS of friends and MYSELF complaining that Odyssey Battery didn't have compatible batteries for Euro L3, Euro L5, Group 49, Group48 and 98R batteries -- TA DA!  Odyssey Batteries announces ODYSSEY PC1220 and PC1350 battery models!

The PC1220 - replaces BCI Groups 48 and 98R and offers 1220 Cranking Amps in the first 5 Seconds. 960 Cranking Amps from 6-10 seconds and 860 Cranking amps after 10 seconds.  Cold Cranking Amps (a VERY OLD Cranking evaluation in the humble opinion of TBG) of 680 ensure great performance from an odd sized AMERICAN MADE Battery to replace the most common import battery out there.

The PC1220 has a 135 minute reserve capacity and a 70 AmpHr capacity for deep cycling.   It has a regular Group 48 and 98R footprint so no conversion is necessary.

The PC1350 - replaces BCI Groups 49 and offers 1350 Cranking Amps in the first 5 Seconds. 1080 Cranking Amps from 6-10 seconds and 960Cranking amps after 10 seconds.  Cold Cranking Amps are at 770 and it is a standard BCI group 49 size of 14.84" X 6.88" X 7.48".

Most importantly, let us not forget that the Odyssey PC1220 and PC1350 are ODYSSEY BATTERIES!  That means that they both deliver Odyssey's legendary DUAL PURPOSE design for both cranking and deep cycling as well as the following:

• 70% longer cycle life - up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge; high stable voltage for longer periods

• Longer shelf life - no need for recharge up to two (2) years or down to 12.00v, whichever occurs first

• Fast recharge - capable of 100% recharge in 4-6 hours

• Mounting flexibility - non-spillable design; can be mounted on any side in any position

• Extreme temperature tolerance - operating temperatures from -40°F to +176°F

• Totally maintenance free

• Longer service life - 3-10 years

And if that weren't enough, keep in mind that Odyssey has the best warranty in the business 3 and 4 year FULL REPLACEMENT WARRANTY with NO Pro-rata! FINALLY a manufacturer puts their money where their mouth is!

You can find the ENTIRE line of Odyssey Batteries at Powerstride Battery where everything ships FREE!

Apr 22nd 2010 The Battery Genius

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