Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB6120F1 & UB6120F2

The UB6120F1 & UB6120F2 SLA Batteries by Powerstride Battery, offer similar advantages but have one distinct and important difference. Being designed as a Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA), both batteries recharge quickly, reduce environmental damage, prevent acid spills and corrosion, and are easier to use and install. These benefits help thousands of consumers around the world power and use various applications throughout their everyday lives: wheelchairs, scooters, ride on toys for kids, motorcycles, ATV’s, cars, and more. Each battery weighs approximately 4.18 pounds and is composed and built of the same components and materials, except for the batteries terminals. After the name of each battery an F1 or F2 can be seen, F1 & F2 are in reference to the battery’s terminals. The terminals used on most SLA Batteries are called faston tabs (F) and the number after the (F) represents the type of faston tab being used and thus resulted in the abbreviation F1 or F2. These terminals are what connect the battery to your intended application or charging device and thus are important depending on the type of receivers your application has. Upon examining each battery, no noticeable difference would appear however looking closely it is obvious that the F1 terminal is thinner while the F2 terminal is wider. To be exact, the F2 terminal is 1/16 inches wider than the F1 terminal. So while our UB6120F1 & UB6120F2 batteries are practically the same, it is important to realize the significance of an insignificant difference. While adapters do exist, it is wise to determine the correct battery that perfectly fits you applications needs. For more information and understanding of our UB6120 battery please read our Spec Sheet. Or feel free to call our friendly customer services to get in touch with a professional. With the right instruction and understanding, we are positive both our UB6120F1 & UB6120F2 batteries will satisfy all your desired cares and needs. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, that’s why we offer a 1 year warranty and free ground shipping with any battery purchase you make. We hope you will join the thousands of customers who have put their trust in Powerstride Battery since 1926. Don’t hesitate. Call today!
Oct 18th 2013 The Battery Genius

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