Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB1290F2

Cars, ATV’s, motorcycles, you name it and you will most likely find a battery buried within the depths of all its other electrical components. We tend to forget how essential batteries are to the actual use of a product until the battery dies and with it the product as well. Because batteries are such a common and integral part of our everyday lives, it is important to find a battery that is durable and dependable when attempting to complete various tasks and projects. But the batteries commonly used for these applications are prone to acid spills, difficult to use, and have short life spans, making any simple task inconvenient and cumbersome. That is why Powerstride Battery has dedicated itself to creating the perfect battery solution that goes above and beyond your needs and expectations. We recommended: our specialty SLA UB1290F2. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries or SLA Batteries are great at providing you with the reliability and convenience you are looking for through its lightweight, increased safety and longevity. The UB1290F2 weighs a mere 5.10 pounds, making installation easy for any design, make, or model. The batteries unique design and construction prevent any acid spills commonly caused by cornering, vibration, and accidental crashes. And it is dependable, with an overall life span of 3 – 5 useful years. Our innovative battery solution is so dependable and versatile it substitutes your need for the following batteries:
  • Amstron AP-1290
  • EnerSys NP9-12
  • IBT BT8-12
  • Casil CA 1290
  • Exide EP9-12H
  • GS Storage PE12V9F2
  • Interstate SLA0020
  • And much more
We are confident in our products performance but to ensure your complete satisfaction we include a 1 year warranty and free ground shipping with the purchase of just one UB1290F2 battery. Realizing the multitude of battery needs and applications you have, we offer 19% - 24% savings with the purchase of 4 or more of our reasonably priced batteries. Since 1926, we have ensured our customers 100% satisfaction with all our products and services. You can trust Powerstride to provide you with quality products that go the distance when it comes to your battery cares and needs. Call us today!
Oct 11th 2013 The Battery Genius

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