MultiPurpose SLA Batteries | UB12500

Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are some of the most adaptable batteries available on the market. Although they won’t win any beauty awards & can’t claim to be the most technologically advanced, they consistently get the job done. The very fact that SLA batteries have been around for over a hundred years and are relied on more than ever is a testament to just how useful they really are.

Introducing the UB12500, by Powerstride Battery. Designed by Universal Batteries, the UB12500 stays true to its original heritage by proving to be one of the best 12volt 50Ah, multi-purpose batteries around. Weighing in at a hefty 32 lbs., this battery is nothing but quality. A natural substitute, it can replace over 50 comparable batteries, including the Volcano KB12400. For a complete list of batteries and brands, visit its product page on the Powerstride Battery website.

Common usages include anything and everything from powering custom audio systems to acting as a standby power supply backup. There is no right answer – or rather, no wrong answer. Contact Powerstride Battery today to find out if the UB12500 can meet your specific needs & applications.

If you’re considering purchasing, now is the right time to buy! Powerstride Battery maintains both an aggressive and a competitive pricing model, so there’s no need to shop anywhere else. Discounts of 6% to 10% are available with the purchase of 2 or more on the same order, and for a limited time only, free ground shipping is provided. All batteries come with a free, comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Don’t expect this deal to last! Buy reliable. Buy Powerstride Battery.

Sep 4th 2013 The Battery Genius

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