Multipurpose SLA Batteries | UB12150F2

Constantly recharging, maintaining, or replacing your Flooded Lead Batteries can be a tiring task that is frustrating, expensive, and potentially dangerous. Flooded Lead Batteries Dangers & Problems –
  1. Acid Spills – It is common for Flooded Lead Batteries to easily spill the acid they contain due to cornering, vibration, and accidental crashes.
  2. Corrosion – Due to non-sealed/protected chemical reactions within the batteries terminal, lugs, and connectors. 
  3. Constant Maintenance & Recharging – Many people complain about recharging their Flooded Lead Batteries for hours and then receiving only a small time of actual use before the battery needs charged again. To get the best results from your Flooded Lead Battery continual maintenance is required, from cleaning to measuring charge levels. These various tasks combined can result in a waste of valuable time and money.
  4. Environmental Damage – Flooded Lead Batteries release lead emissions that can cause environmental and physical damage due to overexposure.
  5. Difficult or Impossible to Install to Certain Application – Due to the acid and chemicals in a Flooded Lead Battery they cannot be tipped and need additional space for ventilation, this can make installation for certain applications difficult or utterly impossible.
To avoid all these problems and gain so much more, you should consider purchasing the UB12150F2 Battery by Powerstride Battery. Being designed and constructed as a Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA), the UB12150F2 prevents any type of acid spill giving you assurance and peace of mind. Due to the battery being so well sealed and protected, this prevents corrosion and removes the need to maintain the battery in any way. SLA Batteries are known for fully recharging in the short time of 2 to 3 hours so you aren’t severely inconvenienced during tasks and projects. For these reasons, our UB12150F2 is proclaimed ‘maintenance free’ and ‘easy to recharging’ by thousands of our pleased customers. Our battery solution discharges immensely less hydrogen gas and pollutants making it a better choice for the environment. Due to its tight seal, reduced need of ventilation, and lightweight, the UB12150F2 is much more versatile when being installing to different applications, unlike Flooded Lead Batteries. And our amazing Powerstride battery last on average 3 to 5 years to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Powerstride’s battery solution is durable, dependable, and undeniable. We believe our product gives you the best services possible by eliminating the troubles of your current situation and providing additional benefits that will make your life easy, affordable, and trouble free. To guarantee your satisfaction, we will provide a 1 year warranty and ground free shipping with any battery purchase you make. Call today to receive more information. Powerstride Battery: service for the distance… since 1926.
Oct 25th 2013 The Battery Genius

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