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The prospect of harnessing the power of the sun is making its way into various industries and practical applications every day and shining its way right onto your balance sheet.

Now, everyone can go green. Save the planet and save some cash too!! Both are green and everyone gets to be a happy conservationist. The thought of free energy has put the eco-friendly, tree hugging, environmentalists at peace with the eco-nomic, Free-hugging, entrepreneuralists. In this case what’s good for business is good for the planet.

How good? VRLA-AGM batteries mean they are non-hazardous and non spillable. These sealed batteries and their maintenance free construction means no spilling, no spewing, no watering and the flexibility to install them upright or on their sides. You avoid all of the strict Hazmat requirements, restrictions and regulations and the associated higher costs of dealing with Hazardous Material.

Although the sun does the hard job of creating the energy at no cost to us, there still has to be away to store that power of the sun. This is where stored energy products aka batteries come in, and in particular deep cycle AGM batteries. The batteries can store and release that power and discharge and recharge in cycles to provide renewable energy from various systems not just solar but also PV and wind, off grid and grid tied systems.

Solar has found many applications to power up. Communications towers, pumping stations, construction signs, off-grid residential or business, grid-tied residential or business, and remote electrification are some of the practical uses powered by stored solar energy. Oh by the way mind if we make a product recommendation? This is where talk about an industry leading high performance brand battery called Sun Xtender and as they say, “when the sun sets, Sun Xtender shines”.

Sun Xtender

How did Sun Xtender become a premier name in the solar battery market? You can trace that excellence in battery manufacturing back to military grade battery manufacturer, Concorde Battery Corp. They have proven their value to the Militaries all over the world such as the US, Canadian, British, Australian, and Italian Air Forces! Of course their products are adopted as they simply out-perform the competition even through-out commercial markets too. They are engineered and designed to specific applications. The battery technology they have mastered is known as sealed, valve regulated, absorbed glass mat or AGM for short.

The AGM batteries from Sun Xtender feature a very unique high density plate and grid design with their trademarked PolyGuard protection. This is how they can generate industry leading reliability, extended cycle life and increased power. They have built this technology to outfit 29 different group size batteries in 2, 6 and 12 volt configurations from the 25 pound U1 size all the way up to the 124 pound L-16 and the 159 pound 8D size batteries.

Are there other benefits with the sealed AGM products besides maintenance free considerations? Yes, especially with the Sun Xtender products have a very low impedance design with excellent charge acceptance. In other words it takes less power and charge time to recharge these batteries after they have been discharged than conventional liquid acid or flooded lead acid batteries. This is critical in helping to prevent sulfation which happens when batteries are not being charged up adequately after discharge. Longevity is the reward for proper and complete charging which is easier to accomplish with quick charging and efficient charge acceptance. With Sun Xtender there is no current limit with controlled voltage charging!

Another contributing factor to battery performance with Sun Xtender is identified in the pure led-calcium grids, and the resulting thicker plates than the industry standards which means longer cycle life, greater reliability and power.

If you want a battery to go the extra mile then the manufacturing must do the same in making that battery. Sun Xtender goes beyond other conventional batteries by deploying a proprietary and trademarked Polyguard protection via a microporous polyethylene separator used around the positive plate & AGM to prevent shorting that results from shocking and vibration. Sun Xtender stands alone in manufacturing in providing this additional layer of protection. Additionally, Sun Xtender batteries are well constructed with the shock proof high impact reinforced case that restrains it from bulging and Copper allow connections are corrosion free that allow for maximum conductivity.

The AGM battery design advantages from Sun Xtender, all added up, produce better results than gel design batteries. Sun Xtender’s AGM benefits from unique and greater plate density, lower impedance, more efficient charge acceptance and retention are simply superior to gel batteries. Furthermore, the robust plates are wrapped in electrolyte absorbed AGM so they can be packed closer together than gel batteries that require more room to fill in the thick gelled electrolyte. The gelled electrolyte is prone to solid/liquid separation at extreme temperatures that eventually take place during operation. This separation causes the electrolyte to lose contact with the plates, affecting battery performance and shortening battery life.

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Get your power today while the sun is shinning!!

May 26th 2018 The Battery Genius

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