Dashing Through the Snow In a 200 Horsepower Snow Mobile! ... If It Starts Up!

There will be no dashing through the snow over the fields we go and no laughing all the way if your snow mobile has a dead battery this winter. Hurry, snow has already landed before winter has even as arrived. Winter officially starts on December 21st. For most of us winter starts when you can't feel your cheeks...no, not those cheeks, your other cheeks!

Speaking of cheeks, it's time to for winter warriors to prepare your snow mobiles for riding! To start off you will need to start up...ahhhh let's begin with your battery. At Powerstride Battery Co. we tend to do find reasons to talk about batteries a lot.

If you find yourself having to recharge your snowmobile’s battery more frequently than you should or if you are tired of having it constantly die on you, it might be time to consider replacement.

If you are considering replacement, here are some key things to remember when replacing your snowmobile’s battery:

1. Remove the negative cable first, and re-attach the negative cable last.

In other words, the negative cable should be the first and last thing you do. This is because the negative cable is (usually) the ground cable, and without going into the science behind it, removing it before the positive and re-attaching it after the positive is the safest way to go about it all. You can recognize the negative cable by its black color wheras positive side identifiers are red.

2. Clean the electrical connection areas with a damp cloth.

This includes the metal end of the wires attached to your snowmobile as well as both of your new battery’s terminals. The goal is to make sure any debris and grime isn’t present to impede the electrical current, which can be harmful to the new battery at best, and dangerous to you and your snowmobile at worst. Some battery issues are nothing more than corrosive terminals or cables.

3. Purchase the right replacement battery.

This should go without saying, but sometimes a reminder doesn’t hurt. Make sure to examine the labeling on your old battery so that you know the battery specs that your new battery must conform to. If you are replacing an OEM battery you will want to match the length, width and height requirements with the same. You will also want to match or increase the CCA (cold cranking amps). Large more powerful engine types will generally require more CCA. Get the battery right the first time and if all of the battery info is wiped off the label or not visible then at lease measure the dimensions and call us at Powerstride Battery and we can help you find an equivalent or better replacement. Nothing is worse than waiting needlessly and twice as long for the second battery to come in the mail because you didn’t get it right the first time.

The snow is coming, is your snow mobile ready?

Nov 28th 2018 The Battery Genius

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