Get Your bike Looking Like new! Again!

Maybe you broke the bank or borrowed from your child's college fund to obtain your bike or maybe you merely rescued your ride that was destined for the metal scrap yard- whatever the case you can make your bike its best! keeping your ride clean is great for looks and the overall health of your vehicle. You bought it, now own it- make it shine again!  the best cleaning and maintenance products are required to give your ride that sparkle but also preserve it's luster longer. To this end, Powerstride Battery recommends ten cleaning products you should use for the everyday maintenance and long term preservation of your ride.

1. Muc-off Premium Micro Fiber Cloth

This conveniently machine washable micro fiber cloth uses split-fiber technology for efficient water absorption over a larger surface area. The micro fiber cloth’s deep luxury pile does away with annoying smears and blemishes that normal rags and wash cloths cause leaving your ride clean and smear free.   

2. ACF-50 Spray

Originally designed for the aerospace industry, ACF-50 spray has become popular among those looking to protect their bikes from corrosion due to road salt, rust, and corrosive fluids. Using polar bonding technology, ACF-50 establishes a thin film of protection that actively fills tight seams, micro cracks, lap joints, and rivet heads to prevent infiltrating moisture that causes corrosion and rust. This thin film of corrosion protection can last up to twenty four months, protecting your bike in and out of storage. It is recommended that you keep this spray away from any electronics or hydraulics on your bike such as the brakes and gas pedal as well as the tires.

3. WD-40

WD-40 is the duct tape of rust and corrosion problems; it can fix any problem you have. Thus, it is great for lubricating moving parts, removing grease and gunk, and protecting metals against rust and corrosion. Use WD-40 for the overall maintenance of your bike throughout its use and before you store it.

4. Silkolene Fuchs Wash Off Motorcycle Cleaner

Made for maintaining and cleaning competitive racing motorcycles, Fuchs Wash Off motorcycle cleaner allows you to effectively clean dirt and grime away from your bike without the use of aggressive chemicals that can damage your bike over time while leaving your bike with a sleek factory finish.

5. Autoglym Metal Polish

Autoglym metal polish keeps your bike looking as new as the first day you bought it by establishing a long lasting finish on hub caps, motorcycle wheels, exhausts, etc. Selected by Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Morgan, Autoglym’s Metal Polish is the perfect product choice because it removes fine scratches and hazes while leaving your bike with a brilliant finish like new. 

6. Halfords Bug & Tar Remover

Bug remnants, tar spots, tree sap, and bird feces are difficult to remove and can affect the appearance of your car. Halfords special bug and tar remover can be used to easily remove annoying deposits on glass and most plastic finishes.   

7. The Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush

Designed to withstand the most rigorous uses, the Speed Master PRO Wheel Brush is safe to use on all wheel finishes and guaranteed to leave you vehicle with bright shining rims. Its patented Nylex bristles will never lose their shape and are chemically resistant to heavy wheel cleaners and degreasers allowing you to remove even the toughest dirt and grime.

8. Zymol Z530 Auto Wash

This natural concentrate, auto wash cleaner creates a thick, luxurious foam that prevents swirls marks and effectively removes all dirt and road film without leaving a soapy residue. With stunning reviews and increasing popularity, Zymol’s Z530 Auto Wash solution is guaranteed to clean your bike and leave it looking like new.     

9. Zymol Cleaner Wax

Derived from a 120 year old German formula, this internationally acclaimed cleaner wax is gentle, safe, natural, and petroleum solvent free. This cleaner, wax combination uses uniform micro-polishing agents to clean and repair scratches, abrasions, and minor paint blemishes while producing a thin film of natural wax that protects your finish.

10. Armor All’s Original Protectant

Armor All’s Original Protectant is designed to clean, repair, and enhance exterior plastic and rubber that is exposed to UV rays and oxidation damage. This protectant is great for cleaning dashboards, tires, consoles, and vinyl seating. It will help protect your bike from fading, dirt, dust, and debris.

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Apr 13th 2018 The Battery Genius

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