Beat the summer heat and keep your batteries cool and watered.

Summer is here! The heat has come and it is relentless in its' attack on your batteries. Ambient temperatures, specifically heat, is one of the most important factors to consider as we go through the summer season.

With everything going on in the world, we here at Powerstride Battery know that many of you are not able to take out your favorite toys and get away. So that’s why I am here to remind you to STILL CHECK on your low maintenance batteries. This includes all wet cell/water filled batteries that are cycled down regularly; honestly any battery that is considered "accessible" would not be a bad idea to just get in there and check those cells.

The heat will cause the water to evaporate from your battery even if not in use. Remember, while the water will evaporate, the electrolytes don’t – so your battery doesn’t need acid, it needs distilled water! Once change with the acid to water ratio mixture it will be impossible to get your mixture back to normal. Just stick to that perfectly affordable distilled water; it’s what your battery wants!

Also remember to keep those batteries nice and charged with a tender to maintain or a charger to keep them topped off. Removing just the negative cable lead will only go so far as the natural parasitic draw of a battery will cause a discharge and the longer batteries go without a charger/tender the greater this self-discharge becomes.

Doing these few simple things can save your batteries, save your money and most of all protect your warranty.

Check out the easiest way to keep your deep cycle batteries watered here:

Stop the suffering.

Don’t forget our top brand chargers:

Staying Alive.

Any additional questions? You can always reach us as we are just one phone call away. Call and ask we help in every way we can.  Stay safe out there, and we're looking forward to being out in the sun again soon!


Aug 20th 2020 The Battery Genius

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