Avoiding the woes of shipping.

Dealing with damaged freight can be some of the most frustrating situations to deal with if you are ever caught in a bad situation with your freight deliveries. However do not worry as I will go through some simple steps to help avoid a lot of headaches and wasted time. First step is to not panic, although it can initially be extremely frustrating to find your freight has “disappeared” or arrived damaged the freight companies deal with these types of situations almost on a daily basis. They and we here at Powerstride Battery are willing to and prepared to help out as quickly as possible. 

EVERY time when receiving freight deliveries you must inspect your delivery and make sure that no damage has occurred. If ANY signs or damage are shown it is important to notate that on the receiver and if you feel the damage has caused serious damage take all applicable pictures and reject that shipment. If you do not notate any damage or concerns to your shipment the freight company is no longer liable for damages and it becomes next to impossible to help with any damages. If a shipment has gone missing or after you have notated and rejected a damaged shipment then please call the shipper (Powerstride Battery) and let us know what has happened so we can notify the freight company and give you information to submit the photos you have taken for a claim. We can also then work on getting a new shipment out to you right away. 

Finally for missing shipments there is two simple things you can do. First is check your tracking number with the corresponding freight company and on the page that shows where you shipments last location was is a terminal number that you can call direct and get answers to mostly all questions you may have. Second is contact us at 1-877-576-9379 so that we can answer your questions directly and if freight companies are unable to help you then we can and will figure your problem out and get your shipment back on track as soon as possible. So to sum everything keep calm, notate everything and if all else fails call us and let us show you why our customer service is our greatest feature. 

Aug 26th 2020 The Battery Genius

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