ATV Batteries - Getting Dirty with a Dead Battery

It doesn’t matter the season, winter, spring, summer, fall, if there is work or play to be done you want your ATV to be ready. No matter what you throw at it, the last thing you want to be facing is a dead or dying battery. There will be no mudslinging if your OEM battery is toast.

Today's ATV, UTV, and quad vehicles require more power than ever before. When you consider the humble beginnings of the ATV or the AATV, Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle, as it was known in the very beginning, it was tasked with a simple call, to take its rider and supplies from point A to point B. This trip usually entailed rough and unforgiving terrain, one in which only a vehicle like the ATV could conquer. But today's ATV has crossed from a simple work vehicle to a multifunctional work and play superstar. You might have your ATV or UTV hauling lumber, plowing snow, geared up for a hunting & fishing expedition, a covert operation in a foreign land, racing in the ATV Motocross National Championship, or searching for alien life forms on Mars, the ATV can do it all.

It's true your ATV can offer some amazing opportunities for fun in the mud, excitement, and productivity if you and your battery are prepared. In fact, don’t forget to check out our link below to find some amazing trails to ride in your area. Plus, if you are new to the world of ATVs here is a great resource for safety and operational training.

Now that you are trained and know where your next adventure will be let’s look at knowing when it is time to replace that rechargeable battery and what your options are. There are trails to be rode and mud to be slung, so let’s find the best replacement battery and get you charged.

Signs of an Aging Powersports Battery

With the addition of power-hungry accessories such as a snowplow, lights or an electric winch having a battery that can keep up with your cranking needs is vital. When assessing the battery, look for terminals that may be broken or loose. Signs of a failing battery can be a bulge or bump in the case, cracks in the plastic, or excessive leaking of the sulfuric acid or water. Performance is another critical indicator of your ATVs battery's life. If your ATV is showing signs of slowing down or unable to perform its regular duties on a fully charged battery, it is a good indication that replacement is near.

Along with the battery for your ATV, a reliable and feature-rich Smart 12v Battery Charger is indispensable for keeping both your ATV and battery performing at their best. Powerstride Battery has you covered with some great smart battery charger options that you can find here, Smart charger. Remember, a good charger will save you money in the long run. When your smart charger saves you from heading out into the bush with a battery that is about to die, you’ll be glad you had it in your arsenal.

ATV Battery Options

An ATV is a workhorse, and it does take proper maintenance and upkeep to have it performing at its peak. This is also true when it comes to your battery. The three types of rechargeable batteries that are often used in ATVs are Conventional, AGM, and lithium batteries. ATV batteries are 12-volt batteries and typically around 20Ah, ranging from 12Ah to 40Ah.

Conventional ATV Batteries- Conventional ATV batteries have always been at the heart of power sport vehicles, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft, or jet-ski going all the way back to the early ’80s. They get the job done but have some maintenance requirements that can be troublesome. Keeping proper levels of water and sulfuric acid is a task that many do not want to undertake. They are more cost-effective but can suffer in their performance rating.

AGM ATV Batteries – AGM batteries (absorbed glass mat) are considered maintenance-free and are a great source of power for your ATV. Sealed AGM batteries, also called sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA batteries), are completely sealed, as you may have guessed from the name, and do not require topping off the liquid within the battery itself. AGM batteries typically outlast and outperform their conventional counterpart both in longevity and amp-hour rating. They do come with a higher price tag than conventional batteries.

Lithium Batteries – Having a lithium battery for your ATV will certainly bring some benefits that others just can’t bring to the table. They outperform and outlast both AGM and conventional batteries, it is definitely high performance.They offer a smooth and powerful ride and come with insane CCA or cold cranking amps cranking power. Lithium are smaller and weigh less, provide more usable capacity, are temperature resistant, and charge faster. They are more expensive but with the added benefits they certainly bring a fabulous ROI.

Let's Get Dirty

Before you jump on your ATV for work or play, make sure you have a dependable battery and detergent at home for those filthy clothes. There is work to be done and trails to conquer and Powerstride Battery is ready for you.

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Nov 29th 2021

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