Alarm System Batteries | 12 Volt – 12Ah

When it comes to keeping your home or business safe, a reliable alarm system cannot be underestimated. With a national average police response time of 11 minutes,  you need to know of any break-in emergency as soon as it occurs – or the police may not be able to reach your location until it’s too late. A big factor in alarm system reliability is power supply. Even the best alarm system in the world will not function without electricity. This is why quality alarm batteries are so important! Here at Powerstride Battery, we understand just how important safety is to you. We sell a variety of replacement alarm batteries to keep you, your family, and your property protected. One such battery is the UB12120. It is a 12v battery with a 12Ah capacity, and is sold with both F1 and F2 terminals, depending on your alarm system’s requirements. Make sure you give its product page a glance to double check if it’s a good fit for your system! It just might be the replacement battery you’ve been looking for. If it is, you’ll be pleased to note that Powerstride Battery maintains an aggressive pricing model. Discounts between 13% and 18% are offered with the purchase of 2 or more batteries in the same order, so make sure you take the opportunity to stock up! Don’t ever find yourself without a working alarm system by waiting till a battery dies to get a new one. All Powerstride batteries come complete with a  comprehensive 1-year warranty and free ground shipping for a limited time only. Don’t hesitate! Buy reliable. Buy Powerstride Battery.
Aug 20th 2013 The Battery Genius

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