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12 Volt batteries surround us everywhere; anything and everything from RV’s to UPS’s to lawn mowers to home alarm systems use them. In fact, I would venture to say you probably have a 12 volt battery within 10 yards of you (at the very most) right now!

Now, these batteries vary greatly in type, capacity, and dimensions of course (to say nothing of intended usage), however, we did want to feature one specific battery that has managed to remain quite versatile: the Universal Battery 1250 (model # UB1250), sold by Powerstride Battery.

It claims a useful 5Ahr capacity, and functions as a rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery. Some of its more common uses include home alarm systems, small UPS’s, and some electric-start lawnmowers. Although frequently used for these applications, there’s a good chance that it will also fulfill any other needs you might have of a 12 Volt / 5Ah battery. To see the list of over 100 different batteries it can replace, check out its link! It just might be what you’re looking for.

Powerstride Battery maintains extremely competitive prices, and currently offers 23% to 32% discounts with the purchase of 2, 5, or 10 of these batteries. With a 1-year replacement warranty, you can be assured that this 12 volt sealed lead-acid battery will last (and if it doesn’t, you’ll get a new one for free!).

Don’t wait, find out how Powerstride Battery can help you! With a huge selection of 12 volt batteries, you’re sure to find the battery you need. Purchase the UB1250 today and enjoy a limited time offer of free ground shipping!

Jun 10th 2013 The Battery Genius

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