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LOW Maintenance vs. NO Maintenance – duh…

LOW Maintenance vs. NO Maintenance – duh…

Jun 10, 2011

Whenever the words “Maintenance Free” are used in a an advertisement or product description, in my head – Angels Sing, rainbows flash across the sky and Marisa Tomei dances seductively holding whatever product I’m looking at like a Price Is Right model.

What’s so shocking to me is most battery buyers gloss over product type without a second thought! I’m talking about the difference between LOW Maintenance and NO Maintenance Marine Batteries and what that means to you.

I absolutely love that people love their Green Battery with a Race Car on it. I really do.

I think a lot of that has to do with marketing. I mean, they do have really cool looking trucks with their race-car inspired red “18” on the side; and they have turned “Norm” into a regular guy people know and love because he sounds trust-worthy. And you know what? That works for some people.

You know what else?

Every single Green battery their dealers sell is a LOW Maintenance battery.

What does that mean? That means, that if you have paid big bucks for one of their batteries and you haven’t added water to it, you are neglecting your battery AND VOIDING that 65 month warranty!

It’s true. Same goes for the Smiley face “Rollback Store” that sells Ever-Start® batteries.

If you want fun in sun with your Marine Battery and want the same reliable dependable technology that a Flooded Lead Acid Marine Battery provides, check out Powerstride Battery.

Did you know that Powerstride Battery’s dual purpose (starting and deep cycle) Group 24 Marine Battery specs out at the same or higher as other LOW Maintenance Marine Batteries? It’s true! PLUS, It’s MAINTENANCE FREE and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility! (Can you hear the angels singing?)

What does that mean to you? No checking water levels of your battery when you’d rather be skiing and lower corrosion on exposed posts and connectors. But most of all, it means you get the same true Deep Cycle from your Marine Batteries that you get from those other places but IN A MAINTENANCE FREE design! Awwwww yeah!

Powerstride Battery not only offers the most dependable Flooded Maintenance Free Marine Battery on the market today, but they also offer AGM Marine Batteries from the worlds leading manufacturer in Marine Battery Technology, Lifeline Batteries.

So whether you’re upgrading your Marine Battery to AGM or looking for a dependable, trustworthy, Maintenance Free Marine Battery, you’ve gotta check out Powerstride Battery. Everything they sell INCLUDES Free ground shipping to your door or marina!

Call them TOLL FREE at (877)576-9379 or check out the Powerstride Battery closest to you.


  1. Sean Reilly /

    This may be a stumper, but here goes.
    While sleeping in our boat at the marina in Beaufort, SC the carbon monoxide detector alerted at 3 AM . There was a terrible ordor of Sulfur or Hydrogen Sulfide with a heavy “industrial” component much like the ordor given off by paper mills.
    After identifying the location of the odor the next morning, the local mechanic isolated it to one of the four batteries in the engine compartment. The battery was hot and the sides were warping. The battery was immediately removed and replaced. This solved the problem.
    My question is, why would a battery failure cause fumes that would set off my carbon monoxcide detector ? I am familiar with the reversing chemical reaction in a battery , and nothing I know of suggests that it would release carbon monoxcide.

    Any ideas ?

    Sean Reilly

  2. admin /

    Sean, since the fumes given off during gassing are of a toxic nature when concentrated, most Carbon Monoxide Detectors will detect them.
    (I had to call the fire department to ask why) They said, most first & second Generation Carbon Monoxide Detectors are not, in fact, TRUE Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors, but rather “Oxygen Sensors” that measure usable Oxygen. So ANY measurable amount of saturation from gasses OTHER than oxygen will trigger an alarm.
    The example he gave, is after a long summer, many folks fire up their old floor furnaces and their CO Detectors go off from the burning of dust, hair, crayons, and the like in the furnace.
    And while those fumes and gasses are rarely CO, the detector goes off. When a Flooded Lead Acid battery gasses, Hydrogen Sulfide is given off.
    Too much, you’ll hear the warning of your CO Alarm… Hope that helps! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

  3. No maintenance is a bit of a misleading term. Even the so-called ‘no maintenance’ batteries need to be checked from time to time to keep it in a good condition and extend its lifetime.

  4. daisy /

    I dont know if I could still MAKE use of this battery that I just bought a few days ago, i mistakenly filled my low maintenance battery with distilled water instead of a battery solution.Please help me.

  5. Maintenance-free generally means that you don’t have to add water to the battery. However, a battery exposed to severe overcharged conditions will gas and use water, resulting in premature battery failure.

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