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24 Volt 2 Amp Mobility Charger

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24V 2Amp 3-Stage Charger
With an advanced 3-stage switch mode and several other safety features, the 24BC2000TU-1 (or 71706) is a battery charger perfect for Wheelchairs and Scooters using 12 Ah AGM Batteries and for maintaining the condition of your Sealed Lead Acid batteries in units that require the XLR socket.

Input Voltage: 100VAC - 240VAC
Input Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
Output Voltage: Bulk Charge: 29.4VDC +/- 0.5VDC / Float Charge: 27.6VDC +/- 0.5VDC
Output Current: Bulk Charge: 2A +/- 0.2A / Float Charge: <0.5A
Battery Size Range: 7Ah - 18Ah
Over-Voltage Protection: DC 30V Max
Over-Current Protection: DC 3.5A Max

Safety Features:
Short-Circuit Protection - prevents damage caused when operating in a short circuit condition for an indefinite period of time
Over Current Protection - protects the charger from over-current demand
Over Voltage Protection - protects the battery being charged from damage
Battery Polarity Reversal - prevents damage when positive and negative polarities are connected in reverse