6 Guided Motorcycle Tours in North America

There is nothing quite like the open road. You, your motorcycle, those you care about, and no end in sight.

There is freedom to be found, people to meet, sights to see, and plenty of roads to be traveled. However, the experience can often feel tainted when you have to constantly decide where you are going to go, how you are going to get there, where you are going to stay.

Your experience of the open road should be epic and without distractions. That is why we have identified 6 of the best motorcycle tours in North America.

Motorcycle tours are an excellent way to experience the open road because you no longer have to deal with the hassle of planning and preparing for every detail of your journey.

All you need to do…

…is sign up, show up, and gear up.

Here are some of the best motorcycle tours offered in all of North America:

(1) California Motorcycle Tours – “Best of California Tour”

The Best of California tour has something to offer every type of rider. This motorcycle tour between San Diego and San Francisco provides riders with entertaining roads, great scenery, and interesting stops all along the way.

Ten to twelve years ago, Fred Brunn, the owner and founder of California Motorcycle Tours, was inspired by his wife’s suggestion to design a motorcycle tour along the California coast. After the “Best of California Tour” was created, the tour has become very popular having now been ridden and enjoyed by dozens of bikers over the years.  

Riders have the unique choice of taking a 7 day one way trip from San Diego to San Francisco or a 13 day round trip, providing schedule flexibility or another 6 days of fantastic riding.

Fred Brunn recommends that riders, “Come for the ride north, but stay for the ride south. Most people kind of know what to expect on the ride north, particularly the Big Sur area. Those who do the 13 day round trip are totally surprised with the fun roads and interesting scenery the ride south has to offer.”

Over the 7 or 13 day tour, riders will experience the diverse beauty of California. Travel over 1,800 miles of scenic roads through valleys, mountains, stunning forests, and famous locations on your journey from San Diego to San Francisco.

Drive through the San Gabriel mountains along the Angeles Crest highway one of the best motorcycle roads in America. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and make a stop at Fisherman’s Wharf. Visit Venice Beach to get a taste of the SoCal counter-culture lifestyle. Ride through the Santa Monica mountains on the Mullholland Highway before brunch with movie stars at Paradise Cove. Tour Hearst Castle or book a limo for wine tasting at a few of the 175 wineries near Paso Robles. Walk a section of the El Camino Real the road established by Catholic priests of the Franciscan order between 1769 and 1833. This is but a small handful of the adventures and memories you will have after taking the Best of California tour.

Check out the California Motorcycle Tours website to learn more about the Best of California Tour.

(2) EagleRider – “Route 66 Motorcycle Tour”

Despite being replaced by the Interstate Highway System and becoming nearly nonexistent on most maps, Route 66 feels lived in. Perfectly preserved in time, the “Mother Road” is a testament to the survival of dreams, hard work, and freedom.

The road is a living, breathing creation that astounds us, challenges us, and changes us.

It is for these reasons that thousands of bikers dream of traveling the full 2,500 miles of road connecting Chicago, Illinois and Santa Monica, California.

The roads of Route 66 remain in good condition, however, proper signage and accurate directions are often lacking. To truly experience Route 66 and avoid these potential frustrations and enjoy your journey with fellow bikers, join one of EagleRider’s guided Route 66 Motorcycle Tours. EagleRider’s experienced guides and expertly planned itinerary turn a biker’s dreams of traveling Route 66 into a reality.

Spanning over 15 days and 8 different states, the “Route 66 Motorcycle Tour” begins in Chicago. Ushering in a sense of excitement and comradery, the Route 66 Motorcycle tour provides riders with fun roads, quality accommodations, and excellent scenery.

Riders have the opportunity to explore the country and experience the 1950’s by passing by and making stops at retro businesses and landmarks such as the Route 66 Museum in Pontiac, the Wigwam Motel, Gary’s Gay Parita Sinclair gas station, Roy’s Motel in Amboy, and many more amazing sights along the way. Each day is a new experience in itself.  

The scenery is no less impressive. From the high temperatures of the Mojave Desert, to the breathtaking sunset of the Grand Canyon, to the night lights of Las Vegas, riders never forget the journey they make across Route 66. 

After personally completing the tour, Anastasia Petukhova, Marketing Content Manager at EagleRider, encourages fellow riders to, “Make time and do the trip. Take two weeks off, spend some money, but this adventure will be priceless in your memories forever. Also, do some research prior to the trip. It’s more interesting to visit these places if you know something about them ahead of time.”  

Safety and convenience is important to EagleRider, which is why a van filled with drinks, needed essentials, and customer luggage, constantly follows the motorcycle group throughout the duration of the tour.

Sadly, at the end of 15 days, the tour comes to an end in Los Angeles, California. Don’t want the experience to end? EagleRider is more than happy to provide you with a discounted motorcycle rental for you use while you enjoy the sights of L.A. for a few extra days after the tour is over.

Experience the “Mother Road” and the adventure of a life time by visiting the EagleRider website and signing up for this year’s Route 66 Motorcycle Tour.


(3) Ayres Adventures – “Alaska and Yukon Adventure”

The “Last Frontier” is a place of desolate beauty and breathtaking nature that few experience, let alone from the seat of a motorcycle.

Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory is a fascinating and adventurous place through which to travel due to its gorgeous landscapes, remote locations, and incredible wildlife.

Such an experience is highly coveted by many motorcycle riders because the 49th State is one place they have yet to ride out of the rest of North America. Thankfully, Ayres Adventures can help you check it off your list by providing you with the motorcycle tour of a lifetime.

Stretching over 13 days, the “Alaska and Yukon Adventure” guided tour is a breathtaking journey you will always remember due to the unforgettable experiences and sights that it provides.

The official tourist season in Alaska last 100 days during the summer months. In these 100 days, it rarely becomes dark outside. Allowing riders and to enjoy the midnight sun and all the beauty that it reveals as you travel through the open country on a motorcycle.

Riders have the unique opportunity to ride through some of the most scenic parts of Alaska and Yukon with the help of an experienced tour guide from Ayres Adventures.

In Alaska, visit Denali National Park and Hyder Alaska. Ride to Prudhoe Bay, 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and conquer the Dalton Highway. Cruise along the famous “Top of the World Highway” from Tok to Dawson City.

Explore Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon, where you can attend the Frantic Follies, take a flight-seeing tour, or pan for gold. Cross the great Yukon river; travel the well-known Chilkoot trail; and visit some of the original homesteads to immerse yourself in the history of Yukon.

In addition to all the amazing scenery and landmarks you will see along your tour, you are practically guaranteed to see some incredible wildlife including bears, moose, caribou, elk, and much more.

Once you visit Alaska, you will always want to go back. With premium accommodations, meals, and motorcycle rentals, Ayres Adventure’s provides you with the experience of a lifetime in the “Last Frontier” with their Alaska and Yukon Adventure tour.  


(4) Adventure Moto Touring – “Mirror Lake Highway Tour”

Ever feel like there is never enough time to enjoy the adventures and experiences that life has to offer?

Touring North America on motorcycle is an unforgettable experience, but taking a 7-18 day motorcycle tour can be daunting for some individuals because of the cost and time commitment.

Thankfully, Adventure Moto Touring offers a tour that provides riders with the thrill they seek and the adventure they long for at a fraction of the cost and time required.

The Mirror Lake Highway Tour is part of Adventure Moto Touring’s “One-Day Tours”. These motorcycle tours pack the best sights and experiences of Utah into a one day motorcycle tour that is expertly crafted and carefully planned.

The Mirror Lake Highway one-day tour, specifically, is a diverse motorcycle tour that takes riders through the mountain area found in Uinta National Forest. This part of Utah allows bikers to enjoy the beautiful scenery as you ride past sparkling lakes and massive mountain ranges; all while being surrounded by trees and a lovely sense of peace and solitude.

The riding conditions constantly change as you transition from straight highway riding, to well-kept twisty mountain roads, to rugged dirt roads that explore the natural backcountry of the Uinta National Forest.

As riders travel up and down the mountain ranges they will experience differing temperatures and altitudes that present a unique biking environment and some picturesque views along the way.

With multiple lookout points and scenic overviews, riders are encouraged to stop, take pictures, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.

After riding through the mountains, the tour ends with lunch in Evanston, Wyoming and a 90 minute ride back to Salt Lake City. An unforgettable experience in a single day!

These tours are great for visiting businessmen who have an extra day to kill, vacationers who wish to see the sights, or the biker who lacks the time to take a multiple day tour.

Rent yourself a motorcycle with Adventure Moto Touring and enjoy an incredible motorcycle experience without the time commitment and cost by scheduling a guided tour of the Mirror Lake Scenic Highway.


(5) MotoDiscovery – “Copper Canyon Expedition Motorcycle Tour”

In northern Mexico, the Sierra Madres, with its maze of canyons, towering mesas, and beautiful forests, has served as the home of the Tarahumara Indians for centuries.

Pushed back by Spanish Conquistadors, warring Apaches, and the surge of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the Tarahumara were driven into the region of Sierra Madres commonly known as the Copper Canyon.

Cousins of the Aztec people, the Tarahumara provides MotoDiscovery’s “Copper Canyon Expedition Motorcycle” tour with a deeper meaning and an experience of a lifetime.        

The Copper Canyon Expedition Motorcycle tour is an adventure that has it all: significant history, incredible beauty, colorful culture, and a challenging journey with plenty of thrills and excitement.

Over the course of 9 days, the Copper Canyon tour will test the skills of every rider with each twist and turn of your 1,450 mile journey. The first two days of the tour begin on wonderfully paved roads and transition to road surfaces that consist of gravel, rock, and dirt.

Riders will see incredible sights and establish unforgettable memories as bikers travel through and make stops at pine forests, rugged canyon bottoms, mining villages, rivers, large mountain ranges, and peaceful waterfalls.

While the ride is incredible, bikers will remember the people they meet and the locals they encounter the most. MotoDiscovery’s bilingual guides and riding staff help bikers become immersed in the culture of the Tarahumara Indians.

Beginning in El Paso, Texas, the MotoDiscovery covers all of the accommodation and other necessities including dinner, breakfast, luggage support vehicle, and more. 

The Copper Canyon region is the true Treasure of the Sierra Madres. It is rough, beautiful, yet unforgiving. It caters to those who seek escape and anonymity. For the motorcyclist in search of an experience that is exhilarating and beyond ordinary, it can all be found all found on the Copper Canyon Expedition Motorcycle Tour. Schedule your guided tour today with MotoDiscovery!


(6) Edelweiss Bike Travel – “Los Angeles to New York Tour”

A motorcycle tour is not just a route of roads that carries bikers from point A to point B. Rather, every road conveys meaning, each turn provides an adventure, and every stop presents a remarkable experience.

As part of their “World Tour”, Edelweiss Bike Travel captures this essence of true adventure and discovery with their incredible “Los Angeles to New York” tour.

Spanning over 21 states, 29 days of expedition, and 4,100 miles of open road, the Los Angeles to New York tour encapsulates the many different facets of American culture, nature, and ingenuity.

The tour begins in the beautifully rugged West as bikers ride through Death Valley, the National Park of Zion, and the Grand Canyon.

Rarely accessed by the average tourist, Edelweiss’s experienced and skillful guides will take bikers up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon via a small dirt road that leads to one of the narrowest parts of the entire canyon. It is moments like these that make the Los Angeles to New York tour unique and special.

After being exposed to the ancient heritage of past civilizations at world famous cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde and the Rio Grande, Route 66 transports the convoy to their next adventure while immersing every rider in the culture and lifestyle that is frozen in time along the Mother Road.   

The next big stop along the Los Angeles to New York tour is New Orleans. Bikers have the opportunity to stop and take in the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans: the French Quarter. Here, riders can experience the vibrant culture, food, and southern residents.

The tour heads north towards New York as bikers travel through the Great Smokey Mountains and the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain terrain, gorgeous ridges, and massive pine forests are beautiful along the Blue Ridge Parkway, creating a rustic and peaceful ambience in the nearby town of Charlottesville.

On the final stretch to New York, bikers will pass by and make stops at Civil War locations such as Shenandoah and Gettysburg as the environment transforms from the solitary mountains into the bustling city.

Upon reaching the Big Apple, the thrill and adventure is far from over as riders get five days to see the sights, enjoy the city, and celebrate the incredible expedition that is behind them, but never forgotten.      

Edelweiss Bike Travel provides one of the best motorcycle tours in North America because of the amazing adventures and experiences they provide to each rider. Sign up for their guided Los Angeles to New York tour to capture the spirit of true adventure and discovery.

Powerstride Battery wants to make sure you enjoy each motorcycle tour to its fullest, so don’t let a dead battery get between you and the open road. Sign up for an epic motorcycle tour and just ride!