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UB31 AGM Battery - Deep Cycle Group 31

Product Number: 40505

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The UB31 AGM is both a cranking and Deep Cycle Battery perfect for Marine, and high demand Agricultural & Industrial environments where you need powerful cranking and reserve power for hydraulics or electronic equipment! 

Voltage: 12
Capacity: 100 Ahr
Group 31 
MCA: 1065
CCA: 900
CA: 750

Length: 13.00"
Width: 6.81"
Height over Terminal: 9.33"
Terminals: Dual SAE Post / Stud Terminal
Chemistry: SLA AGM 
1 Year Warranty 

Includes Free Ground Shipping!

Group size compatible for all of the following (specific CCAs and Cycle Capability vary):

Interstate 31P-VHD

Interstate 31P-ECL

Interstate 31P-LHD

Interstate 31P-MHD

Interstate 31-VHD

Interstate 31-ECL

Interstate 31-LHD

Interstate 31-MHD

Interstate 31-XHD

Power Volt V31P-5

Power Volt V31P-7

Power Volt V31P-7G

Power Volt V31S-5

Power Volt V31S-7

Power Volt V31S-7G

Power Volt VMF31P-5

Power Volt VMF31P-7

Power Volt VMF31S-5

Power Volt VMF31S-7

AC Delco 1110

AC Delco 1111

AC Delco 1150

AC Delco 1151

AC Delco 1200

AC Delco 1201

AC Delco 31-900CT

AC Delco 31-901CT

AC Delco S2000

AC Delco ACD31TP

AC Delco ACD31TS

AC Delco ACD1109C

AC Delco ACD1149C

Douglas 31-5

Douglas 31-5T

Douglas 31-4

Douglas 31-3

Douglas 31-3T

Douglas 31-HD

Douglas 31-HDT

Douglas 31-FS

Douglas 31-FST

East Penn - Deka 931MF

East Penn - Deka 931PMF

East Penn - Deka 1031MF

East Penn - Deka 1031PMF

East Penn - Deka 1131MF

East Penn - Deka 1131PMF

East Penn - Deka 1131XMF

East Penn - Deka 1131XMFD

East Penn - Deka 1131XPMF

East Penn - Deka 1231MF

East Penn - Deka 1231PMF

Exide COM-31D

Exide COM-31E

Exide CR-31

Exide HP-31D

Exide HP-31E

Exide HC-31D

Exide HC-31E

Exide XRF-31D

Exide XRF-31E

Exide RF-311D

Exide RF-31E

Motorcraft BH-31

Motorcraft BH-31XL

Motorcraft BH-31XT

Motorcraft BH-31P-XL

Motorcraft BH-31PXT

Motorcraft BH-31DC

Napa 7231

Napa 7232

Napa 7234

Napa 7235

Napa 7236

Napa 7237

Napa 7238

Napa 7239

Pep Boys 31-950

Pep Boys 31P-950

Pep Boys 31P-750

Sears 27701

Sears 27702

Sears 27721

Sears 27722

Sears 27993

Sears 27994

Wal Mart ES-31

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