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Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA Battery) commonly refers to a Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Battery. The term VRLA was specifically intended to refer to a battery that does not require water addition but does periodically vent gasses.

A Sealed Lead Acid battery can be an Absorbent Glass Mat battery (AGM) which utilizes a non-woven separator made from spun-glass micro fibers saturated with acid electrolyte, or a Gel Cell battery in which the electrolyte is gelled mixing sulfuric acid with silica.

VRLA batteries differ from traditional flooded batteries in the way gassing occurs at full charge. The main differences refer to the Oxygen Recombination Process that allow the VRLA battery to charge using lower voltage.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the VRLA batteries:

  • Minimal Gassing
    VRLA batteries do not typically release gasses like their flooded counterparts.

  • No Watering
    VRLA batteries never need watering

  • No Battery Rooms – Reduced Ventilation
    When used in traction applications, valve-regulated batteries eliminate the need for battery rooms and battery attendants.

  • Spill-proof/Leak-proof
    VRLA are spill-proof/leak-proof, which makes it possible to operate standing upright or on their side.

  • Vibration Resistance
    AGM constructed cells are compressed producing intimate plate to separator contact, resulting in a very tightly packed element. Gel in a gel battery occupies the spaces between the plates and separators,
    producing an element that has little or no room for plate movement.

  • Cost
    Due to the additional processing steps and materials expense, VRLA batteries are typically more expensive than flooded cells. For more help and information regarding Sealed Lead Acid batteries, call the
    experts at the Powerstride Battery location near you!
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