12 Volt 5 Ah SLA Battery - UB1250

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Print the UB1250 Spec Sheet here!

Voltage: 12 
Capacity: 5 Ahr 

Length: 3.54" 
Width: 2.76" 
Height: 4.21" 
Weight: 3.09 lbs 

Terminals: F1 Tabs 
1 Year Free Replacement Warranty 
Chemistry: AGM SLA - Rechargable

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Replaces all of the following:

Access SLA1045 Access SLA1240 Access SLA1250
Amstron AP-1250F2  Amstron AP-1250F1 ATBATT 12V 5AH
CSB 12V 4.5Ah CSB 12V 4.5Ah CSB 12V 5Ah
CSB EVX1245 CSB GH1240 CSB GH1250
CSB GP1240 CSB GP1245 CSB GP1245 F2
CSB GP1250 CSB GP412 CSB HR1221W
Elk ELK-1250 BB HR5.5-12 BB HR5.8-12
BB 12V 4.5Ah BB 12V 4Ah BB 12V 5Ah
BB BP4-12 BB BP4.5-12 BB BP5-12
Douglas Guardian DBG12-4.5F Douglas Guardian DBG12-5F Douglas Guardian DBG12-5G
Douglas Guardian DBG124 Douglas Guardian DBG124.5 Douglas Guardian DG12-4.5F
Douglas Guardian DG12-5F Douglas Guardian DG12-5G Douglas Guardian DG124
Douglas Guardian DG124.5 Eagle Picher CF12V4 EnerSys NPH5-12
EnerSys 12V 25Watt EnerSys 12V 4.5Ah EnerSys 12V 4Ah
EnerSys 12HX25T-FR Global Yuasa ES4-12 Global Yuasa ES412
Global Yuasa ESH5-12 GS Storage PE12V5 Hawker Cyclon 12V 5Ah
Haze HZS12-5 Hitachi HP4-12 IBT BT5-12HR
Interstate ABSL1050 Interstate ABSL1056 Interstate BSL1050
Interstate BSL1056 Interstate PC1240 Interstate PC1250F2
Interstate SLA0059 Interstate SLA1050 Interstate SLA1054
Interstate SLA1055 Interstate SLA1056 Interstate SLA1057
Interstate SLA1311 Interstate 12V 4Ah Interstate 12V 5Ah
Johnson Controls GC1240 Johnson Controls GC1245 Jolt SA1245
Jolt SA1250 Kung Long WP4-12 Kung Long WP4.5-12
Kung Long WP5-12E Kung Long WP5-12 Leoch LP12-6.0
MK ES29-12 MK ES4-12 MK ES5-12
Panasonic 12V 4Ah Panasonic 12V 5Ah Panasonic UP-VW1220P1
Panasonic LC-R125P Panasonic LC-R125P1 Panasonic LC-R125PU1
Panasonic LC-R12V4P Panasonic LC-R12V4PE Panasonic LC-R12V4PF
Panasonic LC-R12V4PFAD Panasonic LC-R12V5P Panasonic LC-R4512P
Panasonic LC-R4512PF Panasonic LC-R4512PS Panasonic LC-U125P1
Panasonic LC-V125P1 Panasonic LCP Panasonic UP-RW1220P
Panasonic UP-RW1220P-250 Portalac PE12V5 Power Patrol SLA1056
Power-Sonic 12V 4Ah Power-Sonic 12V 5Ah Power-Sonic PSH-1255FR
Power-Sonic PS-1250 Power-Sonic PS-1250-F2 R&D 5356
R&D 5388 Rhino SLA4-12 Rhino SLA5-12/T25
Ritar 12V 4.5Ah Ritar 12V 4Ah Ritar 12V 5.5Ah
Ritar 12V 5Ah Ritar RT1250BH Ritar RT1255
Ritar RT1245 Ritar RT1245H Ritar RT1250
Ritar RT1250B Sonnenschein A212/3.5S Sonnenschein CR125
Sonnenschein S24042IWC Tempest TH1221WA Tempest TR4-12
Tempest TR5-12A Union MX-12040 Union MX-12050
Union PW1204 Vision CP1250H Vision HP12-22W
Vision HP12-30W Yuasa 12V 4Ah Yuasa 12V 5Ah
Yuasa NPX-25    


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Additional Information

Backup Standby
12 Volt
1 Ah - 5Ah
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