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A Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery can be an Absorbent Glass Mat battery (AGM) which utilizes a non-woven separator made from spun-glass micro fibers saturated with acid electrolyte, or a Gel Cell battery in which the electrolyte is gelled mixing sulfuric acid with silica.

Gel Batteries offer a terrific alternative to flooded cells with the added advantage of being MAINTANENCE FREE!

Additional advantages of Gel Batteries:

  • Minimal Gassing
    VRLA batteries do not typically release gasses like their flooded counterparts.

  • No Watering
    VRLA batteries never need watering

  • No Battery Rooms – Reduced Ventilation
    When used in traction applications valve-regulated batteries eliminate the need for battery rooms and battery attendants.

  • Spill-proof/Leak-proof
    VRLA are spill-proof/le ak-proof which makes it possible to operate standing upright or on their side.

  • Vibration Resistance
    Gel in a gel battery occupies the spaces between the plates and separators producing an element that has little or no room for plate movement offering great resistance to vibration for use in demanding environments.

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